Il motore del nostro successo

Founded in 1963, our Company produces at Sant’Agata Bolognese the most breath-taking performance vehicles in the world. We don’t follow trends, we make history. We fuel imagination that turns the impossible into reality and empowers changing gears that move us forward.

Each member of our Team shares passion, pride and joy in working together to create the most powerful, drivable and innovative works-of-art in the world, sharing our dynamic, respectful and friendly working environment.

We know how much it is important to make sure our people are happy and continuously motivated if we want to continue down the path of success we have taken since the company was founded, so that we promote collaboration and the personal and professional growth of our people.

Every day there is an energy of excitement in the challenges that inspires, steers and drives our excellence. Every evening there is immense satisfaction in seeing the impact each one of us brings, come to life.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your career and feel the power of the Lamborghini accelerating you forward!

We Shape the Future. Will you?

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