International Talent Strategies

The research of high skilled resources and talents is today an absolute priority for companies, especially the multinational ones and the international oriented ones: having the best talents among its own employees today represents a fundamental business requirement.

On the other hand, succeeding in get in relation with best talents structurally and anywhere in Italy is becoming more and more complex both because of the costs and the time this activity requires.

In this complex landscape AlmaLaurea represents a unique reality  - at least at a European level -  since it’s the Consortium of 76 out of 76 Italian Universities, with more than 3.100.000 CV’s, and a coverage of 90% of the graduates that each year get their Degree in an Italian University.

With AlmaLaurea every company has now the opportunity to concretely and timely get in touch with the talents most motivated by its own Employer Brand Promise. Besides AlmaLaurea's CV introduces - first at least  in Europe - the evaluation marks on the most market –valued soft skills, an unavoidable element in the appraisal of talent.


Your Employer Brand Promise

  • Publishing a Company Profile on AlmaLaurea provides the enterprise a leadership position as an Employer of Choice in Italy!

We are talking about around 2.000.000 graduates and, above all, more than 250.000 newly graduates constantly looking for the best professional opportunities in AlmaLaurea, checking the Events, Job Offers and Companies that hire sections. It’s the best way to distinguish yourself!

  • The B.E.S.T. service (Best Evaluated Session’s Talents) innovates and makes possible what was unthinkable until yesterday, especially at national level.
  • The ST.AR.T service (Students Arising Talents) allows you to get in touch with all the graduate students before the end of the academic period.

Actually, this ensures the possibility of contacting and directly putting you in relation with the best newly graduates (o graduands) exactly in conjunction with the 3 annual graduation sessions to promote your Employer Brand Promise, your internship or job offer.

  • The international Career Day, a reference in Italy. Until now, there was not any event able to have a national and international reach.

For this reason, is born: AlmaLaurea’s Career Day, the event on which will converge graduates from all the Country and more than 30.000 foreign graduates in Italy thanks to AlmaLaurea's database.

The first edition will take place on the 22nd October 2015 in Rome.

Campus recruiting, Choose tour talent

  • With the Recruiting Day by AlmaLaurea, from now on you can plan your communication and recruiting events, having directly in your company's headquarters (or wherever you like) the targeted talents from anywhere in Italy (or from specific areas), exactly in the moment when you plan annual entrances of newly graduates and depending on your demands.


You will eventually be able to:
Who: Precisely identify and select the targeted talents anywhere in Italy, even defining the required soft skills! When: Exactly whenever you want! Where: and get them wherever you wish (Headquarters or branch of your company) for your Recruiting day!


  • AlmaLaurea can design also and organize your Open Days and Workshops that you will be able to manage easily directly from your desk.


You will have the possibility to communicate in the best possible way, planning the period with precision and adapting your employer brand promise on the target of talents especially identified for your development strategy


  • Interactive recruiting days. Your Recruiting Days directly from your desk! On the basis of a shared job description, AlmaLaurea will pre-select your targeted talents and will set an agenda of selection interviews in video chat, exactly when it best suits your demand of human resources annual insertion.

AlmaLaurea selection

After becoming a Job Agency specialized in Staff selection services in 2010, in 2014 AlmaLaurea Selection, AlmaLaurea International and High-Potential Divisions were created specializing in the selection of junior, middle and top management profiles and in High-Potential assessment for both Italian and international profiles.

AlmaLaurea Selection can count on a unique database in Italy. More than 1.000.000 CV's of senior profiles with 5, 10 or even 15 years of work experience in any business sector, for any professional role and with a unique representativeness for every geographical area of the Country. AlmaLaurea will support you in defining your tailor-made projects and how in depth the selection service should be depending on your needs, starting from the CVs’ screening up to face to face interviews and assessment centers.


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