M.I.T.O. is here and it’s revolutionizing Career Day!

After 40 years of Career Days that were always the same, thanks to M.I.T.O. (Matching Italian Talent Organizer), it will be possible for every company to participate in AL Lavoro, finding the most motivated talent in line with their needs by inviting and meeting with them, not just in workshops, but also right in their own Smart Profile Area.


M.I.T.O.  It is an innovative event management module that, thanks to an advanced matching system and automatic personalized invitations, making it possible for companies participating in AL Lavoro to:


  • Set up the profile target that you want to meet with in your own Smart Profile Area the day of the event.


  • View in real time, using password access before the event whenever you want, the short profiles of the target graduates registered for the event that match company parameters and who are interested in the company.


  • Invite them with a simple click on the short profile. The target will automatically receive a personalized invitation email for the day of the event.


  • Recognize in real time, on the day of the event, all the targets invited via a personalized Smart Profile with company logo that the graduate will leave with the interviewer, and on which the screener can take simple notes about the conversation with the candidate.


  • At the end of the event and for a full week afterwards, the company can download all the complete and updated AlmaLaurea CVs of graduates who showed an interest in the company, simply identifying those who match company parameters.


To find out more about M.I.T.O. and the AlmaLaurea Career Days contact servizio.aziende@almalaurea.it


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