AlmaLaurea selects for you!

Do you receive many CVs, but you don’t have enough time to evaluate them?
Define the profile you are looking for and let AlmaLaurea help you during the first phase of your selection.

Characteristics of this service

AlmaLaurea selects for you a small and pre-defined number of graduates (between 4 and 6) found in the databank of AlmaLaurea and/or through the publication of a job offer in the notice board.
In addition to examining if graduates come up to the requirements of the company, AlmaLaurea will ask them -via e-mail or telephone- on behalf of the company itself on the following subjects:

  • availability to a job interview;
  • interest in the place of employment;
  • interest in the occupational status offered;
  • remuneration;
  • foreign language skills and IT skills;
  • periods of availability

Term for graduates’selection and reception: 4 weeks


The advantages for the company

The service "AlmaLaurea selects for you" guarantees to you and to your company as follows:

  • Effectiveness: within a maximum of 4 weeks you will receive a small number of selected candidates meeting the requirements of the company;

  • The 10-year long experience of AlmaLaurea in managing all necessary operations to contacting graduates in order to find those who have the best CV;

  • Inexpensiveness: All costs are related to the access to our services and you won't pay anything for hiring the candidate

Please let us know the profile you are looking for.

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