How to join and why

The services guaranteed to the universities and associated Institutions and the costs of membership.

  • Annual reports on the profile and employment status of graduates at 1, 3 and 5 years. In addition, upon request there are also surveys concerning the profile and employment status of the graduates of Master's and PhD programmes. For the consortium universities, the Ministry of Education and the National Agency for the Assessment of the University and Research System (ANVUR) the Reports represent reliable documentation that can facilitate decision-making processes and the planning of activities. The documentation, detailed to the level of the single degree course, allows the universities belonging to the AlmaLaurea Consortium to respond to Ministerial requests required by law (Italian Ministerial Decree 544/2007, Directorial Decree 61/2008, Italian Ministerial Decree 17/2010, Directorial Decree 50/2010 and, among the most recent, Italian Ministerial Decree 635/2016, Directorial Decree 987/2016). The data gathered and then returned to the universities are used to produce the reports that can be viewed on the AlmaLaurea website, also in the re-elaborations useful for the preparation of SUA sheets, transparency forms and summaries for the website.
  • Placement services aimed at facilitating the entry of new graduates into the working world in compliance with Italian law ("work connection"). AlmaLaurea's Placement Platform is an extensive set of services to support the universities' placement offices, allowing the registration of institutions and companies and facilitating intermediation and support activities in the selection of the professional profiles they seek.
  • CV database: Graduates of the participating universities can enter their CVs in the AlmaLaurea database, the only one with degree certified by the universities. The CVs, also available in English, can be updated and used by graduates to respond to job offers and to register for campus recruiting events organised by AlmaLaurea srl. The CV database is used by AlmaLaurea srl, a company entirely controlled by the AlmaLaurea Consortium, authorised for the activity of recruiting personnel, enrolled in the Register of employment agencies sec. IV (definite authorisation prot. no. 0001543 of 21/01/2008) - for recruiting and selection activities. This activity supplements the work carried out autonomously by university placement offices.
  • Other services: the Postgraduate Courses notice board dedicated to post-graduate educational opportunities; the Alumni Platform that allows the creation of a network of former university students; the personalisation of the AlmaOrièntati orientation programme, linking it to the university's pages and educational curriculum.


Membership costs

  • Joining the ALMALAUREA Consortium requires a single payment of the association fee (between € 2,582.00 and € 5,164.00 depending on the number of graduates in the previous year).
  • An annual fee for participation and inclusion in the database, proportional to the number of graduates, is determined annually by the Board of Directors. After the decreases of 2004 and 2006 (a reduction equal to 40% of the initial rate) the current fee amounts to € 5.96 + VAT per graduate.
    The participation fees referred to above include all the aforementioned services, including the Graduate Profile Report. For the Employment Status Report, the participating universities are asked for a contribution to partially cover the costs (currently the contribution is equal to € 5 + VAT per telephone interview).
  • Similar fees apply for surveys of master's graduates and PhDs.


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