International Projects

AlmaLaurea exports its services, competences, experiences and research activities at international level, by partnering up with EU countries, in view of knowledge-based growth, in line with the Lisbon strategy, and with non-EU countries, with a special focus on the Mediterranean countries and, more recently, with Asian countries.


AlmaLaurea works with the Ministries of University and Labour, with the Universities and quality assurance Agencies for the assessment of the higher education system and the representatives of the job market of EU and non-EU countries.



VIETNAM - Erasmus+ Project MOTIVE (2020-2023)

ALBANIA - Erasmus+ Project GRADUA (2017-2020)

TUNISIA - Erasmus+ Project TUNED (2016-2019)

VIETNAM - Erasmus+ Project VOYAGE (2015-2018)

LEBANON, MOROCCO, TUNISIA - Erasmus+ Project RESUME (2015-2018)



AlmaLaurea has numerous projects with countries in Europe (Bosnia-Erzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia - IPA Adriatic Project ADRIA-HUB; France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland within the EAL-NET project), the Mediterranean (Morocco and Tunisia within Tempus Project ISLAH; Morocco within Tempus Project GRINSA; Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia in the JISERMED project), Asia (Armenia within Tempus Project HEN-GEAR), Latin America and the Caribbean (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru under the EuropAid-Alfa programme and projects Gradua2, EmploiALCUE and Cariberasmus) and Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda within the EduLink project).



Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED), the University of Barcelona, the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, the University of Las Palmas, the University of Huelva and the Agency for the Assessment of the Quality of the Catalan Higher Education System (AQU) in Spain, the Employment and Qualifications Research Centre (CEREQ) and the University of Aix-Marseilles in France, the University of Minho in Portugal.



AlmaLaurea is a partner of the international network INGRADNET, for Europe-wide harmonisation of national statistical surveys on graduates, the EUNIS network (European University Information System), the INCHER network promoted by the University of Kassel, which provides the most extensive statistical survey on graduates in Germany.

AlmaLaurea also took part in the REFLEX research group (Flexible Professional in the Knowledge Society New Demands on Higher Education in Europe) under the sixth framework programme for research and technological development funded by the European Commission, contributing to the run of a statistical survey on graduates from 10 European countries 5 years at graduation.



The European Commission is one of the main promoters and funders of AlmaLaurea’s international projects.

The World Bank, the Union for the Mediterranean and the Columbus Association have promoted the dissemination of the AlmaLaurea model at international level.


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