General aims and objectives

The inter-university consortium AlmaLaurea supplies reliable data in a short time to the Governing Bodies of the universities that are part of the consortium, to the Assessment Units and to the Committees dealing with Teaching Activities and Career Guidance. These data serve as a basis for fostering all decisional processes and activity planning, with a particular attention for all training activities and services targeted at students. Moreover, AlmaLaurea operates for facilitating and creating more equal conditions for young people to access both the Italian and the international labour market.


Specific aims and objectives

ALMALAUREA is aimed at:

  • Facilitating and improving the access of young people to the labour market and their placing. By doing this AlmaLaurea simplifies companies' research of personnel, reducing the time gap between qualified work demand and offer.

  • Guaranteeing the optimisation of human resources through a steady update of data regarding the career of students holding a diploma or a degree.

  • Looking after all monitoring processes concerning the academic programmes chosen by students and analysing graduates' characteristics and performances, so that a direct comparison between different courses, faculties and universities is made possible.

  • Analysing the effectiveness of the study opportunities offered by each university.

  • Taking into account the professional profile that is required by Italian and foreign companies.

  • Analysing the effectiveness that the study opportunities offered by each university have in the labour market by monitoring the different occupational openings.

  • Developing a synergic relationship with high schools which is aimed at guiding students towards university and the labour market.

  • Promoting any activity aimed at the achievement of the above mentioned goals, both at a national and at a European level.

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