Services targeted at the labour market

ALMALAUREA agevola le aziende nella ricerca del personale riducendo i tempi d'incontro tra domanda e offerta di lavoro qualificato. E' lo strumento ideale per chi, in Italia e all'estero, ricerca e seleziona personale qualificato, formatosi presso le Universtià aderenti al Consorzio.

Ecco i servizi che ALMALAUREA offre al mondo delle attività produttive di aziende, enti pubblici e associazioni di categoria:

  • AlmaLaurea offers a databank that collects information both on graduates having a long work experience and on newly graduated students. This is a unique databank, since it collects data that have been certified by the different universities taking part to the consortium. This databank, which can be consulted on-line from 1996, receives about 150,000 curricula per year (both in Italian and in English) and on 31/10/2019 the total number of curricula amounted to 3.505.000 units.
    - AlmaLaurea provides all graduated students with 110 pieces of information that were recorded before the conclusion of the course of studies.
    - The available information also includes any update carried out by graduates, which mainly regard work experience made after the graduation.

  • AlmaLaurea Company Service is open on 5 five days per week and for 7 hours per day. The office helps to consult the databank and to search and select graduates' profiles.

  • AlmaScelta/MyAlmaLaurea is an on-line service that is tailor-made for companies looking for graduates to hire. Companies may use this service for:
    -  selecting the graduate to hire out of 78 Italian universities;
    - posting job/internship offers;
    - saving the research made, so that it can be available in the future;
    - registering the most interesting candidates' profiles;
    - on-line consulting and managing of the curricula they receive in answer to job offers;
    - subscribing to the databank in order to receive as soon as possible a CV template to be downloaded.

  • "Alert Master" and "Job offer Alert": under request of companies or any other organisation AlmaLaurea sends an email to those candidates who have been selected through the databank. Alerts may contain work offers, information on master's degrees, postgraduate courses and second-level degree courses offered by universities or training organisations. They may also report that a new job/internship advertisement has been recently posted on the web site of AlmaLaurea.

  • Candidates pre-screening service: in order to reduce the time that companies need to find their personnel, AlmaLaurea selects a small predefined number of candidates found in the databank and/or through a job advertisement posted in the web site.

  • AlmaLaurea consultation counters can be found in all universities that are part of the consortium and in professional associations. All services offered by these associations to their members are free.

  • The yearly report on graduates' profile is available on Information about graduates' performances has been classified here according to several factors. Information on the different students can be compared on the basis of several variables, such as graduation date, university, faculty and degree course.

  • Yearly report on graduates' employment situation. This report, which is available on, examines the employment condition of graduates after one, three and five years from the graduation. Moreover, it takes into consideration labour market prospects, the correlation that these prospects have with the academic studies carried out. These data can be compared on the basis of several variables, such as graduation date, university, faculty and degree course.

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