Services provided to students and graduates

Companies from all over the world use the AlmaLaurea databank (translated also into English) on a daily basis looking for graduates to hire. For this reason it’s so important to be in there and constantly upgrade your cv adding each new experience of study and work.

Find out the services that AlmaLaurea puts at your disposal in order to become an effecting connection between University, labour market and professionals:

  • Students are assigned a username and a password which are unlimitedly valid.

  • Students' curricula are published on the web site, so that they can be consulted by companies looking for a graduate to hire.

  • Curricula are published in Italian and in English and the translation into other languages will be soon activated. This is aimed at giving more opportunities to the Italian graduates to find a job abroad, since in this way they can get in touch with many foreign companies that use the services provided by AlmaLaurea to find qualified personnel among Italian graduates.

  • A specific service aimed at checking and correcting curricula and all official documents that lie within the competence of each university is also available.

  • A service for curricula updating and implementation is available. Graduates can access their on-line curricula whenever they want to implement, update or modify them with new information, such as work experiences, postgraduate courses, master's degree courses etc.

  • Specific research processes enable web site visitors to look for students who graduated before or after the university reform.

  • Job offers posted by companies on AlmaLaurea web site can be consulted.

  • A specific on-line service has the function to answer to job advertisements posted by companies on by sending them the on-line curriculum immediately.

  • The study opportunities that are available after the first level degree both in Italy and abroad can be consulted on-line within the master section of the web site. These study opportunities include: second level degree courses, postgraduate courses, specialisation schools, first level master's degree courses, second level master's degree courses, PhD degree courses.

  • The yearly report on graduates' profile is available on Information about graduates' performances has been classified here according to several factors. Graduates can be compared on the basis of several variables, such as graduation date, university, faculty and degree course.

  • The yearly report on graduates' employment conditions is also available on It examines graduates' employment condition after one, three and five years from the graduation. Moreover, it takes into consideration labour market prospects and the correlation that these prospects have with the academic studies carried out. These data can be compared on the basis of several variables, such as graduation date, university and faculty.

  • AlmaLaurea also launches promotional campaigns, which are targeted at private and public companies or at offices, both in Italy and abroad.

  • Information on issues related to the labour world and university is available in the NEWS section of the web site.


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