Human Capital and Employment
in the European and Mediterranean Area

The recent economic and financial crisis is deeply affecting the labour markets, depressing in particular both the occupational opportunities and the earnings capacity of the young people. In this respect, the capability to carry out the education of competent graduates, to employ them and to foster continuing education becomes crucial in order to increase both people’s employability and firms’ competitiveness.

The aim of this Conference is to foster the exchange of inter-disciplinary knowledge, information, experiences and best practices among young graduates and researchers, transnational firms, cluster of small and medium size firms, the Euro-Mediterranean universities and the governments of the regions of the Mediterranean Sea. The Conference will give the opportunity to present and discuss the 13th yearly AlmaLaurea Survey on Italian Graduates’ Employment Conditions, based on the experiences of over 370.000 graduates 1, 3 and 5 years after graduation, and put in comparison with similar survey and studies carried out internationally.

At the end of the first ten years of the Bologna Process, the Council of the European Union has adopted the "Europe 2020" strategy, for promoting employment based on an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth. One of the five priority targets is to reach the 40% threshold of graduates in the 30-34 age group population. Furthermore, the overall perspective of the European Higher Education Area is strongly fostered.

Il messaggio del Presidente della Repubblica


Giovedì, 10 Marzo


Chair: Fabio Alberto ROVERSI MONACO, President AlmaLaurea Inter-University Consortium
Roberto NICOLETTI, Vice-Rector for students, University of Bologna

Welcome Addresses
Ivano DIONIGI, Rector, University of Bologna
Beatrice DRAGHETTI, President of Bologna District
Stefania GIANNINI, Rector of University for Foreigners of Perugia and Representative of the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI)
Annamaria CANCELLIERI, Extraordinary Commissioner of Bologna

Gilberto ANTONELLI, University of Bologna

Presentation of the 13th AlmaLaurea Survey on Italian Graduates’ Employment Conditions
Andrea CAMMELLI, Director AlmaLaurea Inter-University Consortium
Discussant: Giorgio VITTADINI, University of Milan "Bicocca" (ITALY)

11,00 - 13,00

Aula Magna Santa Lucia
National Tracer Studies I
Chair: Ulrich TEICHLER, INCHER, University of Kassel (GERMANY)
Invited Speaker:

Human Capital, Participation in Labour Market and Occupational Choice. Micro-econometric Analysis Applied to Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

Selected papers: - Harald SCHOMBURG INCHER, University of Kassel (GERMANY)

Study Conditions and Early Professional Success in Germany. Results of German Graduate Surveys Conducted in Cooperation with 60 Higher Education Institutions 2009-2011
- Julien CALMAND, Jean-François GIRET, Christine GUEGNARD, IREDU, University of Burgundy (FRANCE)
Employability of Vocational Bachelor Graduates in France: Dream or Dust in Eyes?
- Samo PAVLIN, University of Ljubljana (SLOVENIA)
Varieties of Higher Education Domains and Employability Determinants
Discussants: Said HANCHANE, Directeur Général, Instance Nationale d'Evaluation (MOROCCO)

Aula Absidale S. Lucia
Skill Needs, Demand for Graduates, Entrepreneurship I
Chair: Mohammed Zaher BENABDALLAH, University of Meknes (MOROCCO)
Invited Speaker:

- Kate PURCELL, IER, University of Warwick (UNITED KINGDOM)
Selling and buying graduate skills – making sense of the segmented dynamics of evolving national and international labour markets

Selected papers:

- Kate PURCELL, IER, Università di Warwick (REGNO UNITO)
Selling and buying graduate skills – making sense of the segmented dynamics of evolving national and international labour markets
Paper selezionati:
- Anna DE PAOLI, University of Milan "Statale", (ITALY)
The demand for skilled workers after the "3+2" university reform
- Takuya HASEBE, City University of New York (USA)
The Type of Contract and Costs of Hiring: The Evidence from New Graduates from Tertiary Schools in the Netherlands
- Adriana LUCIANO, Roberto DI MONACO, University of Turin (ITALY)
Skilled Labour market and economic development in the Mediterranean area
Discussant: Roberto TORRINI, Bank of Italy (ITALY)

Aula Facoltà di Lingue
Methodological and Empirical Issues I
Invited Speaker:

- Peter M. STEINER, University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
Propensity Score Methods for Causal Inference: On the Relative Importance of Covariate Selection, Reliable Measurement, and Choice of Propensity Score Technique
- Giuseppe FOLLONI, University of Trento (ITALY); Pietro Giorgio LOVAGLIO, University of Milan "Bicocca" (ITALY)
Human Capital Measurement, Methods and Problems

Selected papers:
- Bahia BENCHEKROUN, Said HANCHANE, Nawal ZAAJ, Instance National d’Evaluation (MOROCCO)
Modélisation par une chaîne de Markov du Cheminement des lauréats de la formation professionnelle au Maroc
-Stefano DE RUBERTIS, Fabio POLLICE, Enrico CIAVOLINO, Antonella RICCIARDELLI, University of Salento (ITALY)
The impact of Territorial Factors on University "Competitive Performance"
Discussant: Maurizio VICHI, University of Rome La Sapienza, President of the Italian Statistical Society (ITALY)

14,30 - 16,30

Aula Magna Santa Lucia
National Tracer Studies II
Chair: Ulrich TEICHLER, INCHER, University of Kassel (GERMANY)
Selected papers:
- Fabrizio BERNARDI, Gabriele BALLARINO, European University Institute, (ITALY)
Higher education expansion, equality of opportunity and credential inflation: a European comparative analysis
- Radim RYSKA, Martin ZELENKA, Charles University in Prague (CZECH REPUBLIC)
Effects of the economic crisis on the Czech graduate’s transition
- Gerard MAYEN, European Training Foundation (ITALY)
Cooperation between education and training systems, business and other stakeholders in the Maghreb and Mashreq countries: a phenomenon in slow development.
- Nouran NASSIF, American University of Cairo (EGYPT) Discussant: Giorgio VITTADINI, University of Milan "Bicocca" (ITALY)

Aula Absidale S. Lucia
Skill Needs, Demand for Graduates, Entrepreneurship II
Chair: Dario BRAGA, Vice-Rector for research, University of Bologna
Selected papers:
- Floro E. CAROLEO, University of Naples "Parthenope" and Francesco PASTORE, University of Naples "Seconda" (ITALY)
School-to-work transitions of University Graduates
The Growth in graduate employment by economic activity and sector 1989 – 2007
- Giunio LUZZATTO, Stefania MANGANO, University of Genoa; Roberto MOSCATI, University of Milan "Bicocca" (ITALY)
Bachelor employment in Italy and in other European Countries
- Roberto ANTONIETTI, University of Padua; Massimo LOI, European Commission's JRC, Ispra (ITALY)
The demand for foreign language skills in Italian manufacturing
Discussant: Francis GREEN, LLAKES, Institute of Education, University of London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Aula Facoltà di Lingue
Methodological and Empirical Issues II
Chair: Gianluca FIORENTINI, Vice-Rector for teaching and Education, University of Bologna (ITALY)
Invited Speaker:

- Furio CAMILLO, Valentina CONTI, Silvia GHISELLI, AlmaLaurea Consortium (ITALY)
Representativeness and Evaluation Impact Issues Concerning the Use of Databases with Self- Selection Effects: the Case of the AlmaLaurea System

Selected papers:
- Choni FLOETHER, INCHER, University of Kassel; Stefan KRABEL, University of Kassel (GERMANY)
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Regional Labor Mobility of German University Graduates
-Daria CIRIACI, IPTS, Seville (SPAIN); Alessandro MUSCIO, University of Foggia (ITALY)
University choice, research quality and graduates' employability: Evidence from Italian national survey data
- Lutz HEIDEMANN, INCHER, University of Kassel (GERMANY)
Only the Good Responses fast? The Link Between Professional Success and Response Behaviour in Tracer Studies: mith or not?
Discussant: Luigi BIGGERI, University of Florence (ITALY)


16,30 - 18,30

Aula Magna Santa Lucia
Governance of graduate labour markets I
Chair: Patrizio BIANCHI, Regional Alderman Emilia Romagna, former Rector University of Ferrara (ITALY)
Invited Speaker:

- Fathia TALAHITE, Economic Centre of North Paris - CEPN, University of "Paris XIII" (ALGERIA)
Governance of Graduate Labour markets in the Southern Mediterranean, between upgrading higher education systems and the brain drain.

Selected papers:
- Hugo FIGUEIREDO, CIPES, University of Aveiro; Pedro TEIXEIRA, CIPES, University of Porto (PORTUGAL), Jill RUBERY, Manchester School of Management (UNITED KINGDOM)
Is Mass Higher Education Working? An Update and a Reflection on the Sustainability of Higher Education Expansion in Portugal
Determinants of Graduate Unemployment in Tunisia
- Rosa BERNARDINI PAPALIA, Carlo FILIPPUCCI, University of Bologna; Silvia BERTARELLI, University of Ferrara (ITALY)
Human Capital, Technological Spillovers and Development Across OECD Countries
Discussant: Lilia COSTABILE, University of Naples "Federico II", AlmaLaurea Scietific Committee (ITALY)

Aula Absidale S. Lucia
Firm Strategy and Information Needs
Chair: Lino CARDARELLI, Vice-Secretary, Union for the Mediterranean (ITALY)
Invited Speaker:

- Giusella FINOCCHIARO, University of Bologna (ITALY)

Identity and Personal Data Protection
- Robert MANCHIN, Chairman and Managing Director, Gallup Europe (BELGIUM)

Paper selezionati:
- Giulio PEDRINI, University of Bologna (ITALY)
Corporate University between human capital development and innovation strategy: some evidence of the European model.
- Fatma EL-HAMIDI, University of Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
How Do Women Entrepreneurs Perform? Empirical Evidence form Egypt
Discussant: Antonio Maria CHIESI, University of Milan "Statale" (ITALY)


Friday, March 11th

9,00 - 11,00

Aula Magna Santa Lucia
University Cooperation and International Mobility of Graduates and Researchers I
Chair: Michèle GENDREAU-MASSALOUX, French Mission, Union for the Mediterranean (FRANCE)
Invited Speaker:

- Antoine ZAHLAN, Professor of Physics, International science policy consultant (LEBANON)
University Cooperation and Employment

Selected papers:
- Elise S. BREZIS, Ariel SOUERI, Bar-Ilan University, Ministry of Finance (ISRAEL)
Students’ International Mobility: Is the Flow from Poor to Rich Countries, or from Poor-Quality to High-Quality Countries?
- Alessandra VENTURINI, CHILD, University of Turin and European University Institute; Edlira NARAZANI, CHILD, University of Turin (ITALY)
Highly skilled migrants in SEM and SSA countries: Who they are, why they move and what can be done
- Magali BALLATORE, GIRSEF Catholic University of Louvain (BELGIUM)
Professional and personal paths for Europe’s qualified youth. A survey of French, Italian and English ex-Erasmus students’ trajectories
Discussant: Stefano BIANCHINI, University of Bologna (ITALY)

Aula Absidale S. Lucia
Governance of graduate labour markets II
Chair: Guido SARCHIELLI, Vice-Rector delegated for Romagna Campuses, University of Bologna (ITALY)
Selected papers:
- Giorgio BRUNELLO, Elena CRIVELLARO, Lorenzo ROCCO, University of Padua (ITALY)
Lost in Transition: is education attained before the fall of the Berlin Wall penalized in the labour market?
- Carmen AINA, Eliana BAICI, Giorgia CASALONE University of "Piemonte Orientale" (ITALY)
Does time-to-degree really matter? An analysis of the employment effect of the delay in graduation
- Malak REDA, Egyptian Center For Economic Studies (EGYPT)
Education and Labor: Obstacles to Egypt’s Competitiveness?
- Giulio BOSIO, University of Milan "Statale"; Chiara NOÈ, CCA-CHILD (ITALY)
Higher Education Expansion, Human Capital Externalities and Wages: Italian Evidence within Occupation
Discussant: Mauro SYLOS LABINI, Research Centre Confindustria (ITALY)

Aula Facoltà di Lingue
Gender Issues, Inequality, Human Development I
Chair: Joseph MIFSUD, President Euro-Mediterranean University (SLOVENIA)
Invited Speaker:

- Yossi SHAVIT, University of Tel Aviv (ISRAEL)
Another Look at Persistent Inequality in Education

Selected papers:
- Rosalia CASTELLANO, Gennaro PUNZO, University of Naples "Parthenope" (ITALY)
Education and Earnings Differentials: The Role of Family Background Across European Countries
- Ayal KIMHI, Moran SANDEL, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (ISRAEL)
Religious Schooling, Secular Schooling, and Household Income Inequality in Israel
- Saleh AL-KAFRI, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PALESTINE)
Transition from High Education to the Labour Market: Unemployment within Graduates from the Gender Prospective In the Palestinian Territory
Discussant: Hans-Peter BLOSSFELD, Institute of Longitudinal Studies in Education, Bamberg INBIL (GERMANY)


11,00 - 13,00

Aula Magna Santa Lucia
University Cooperation and International Mobility of Graduates and Researchers II
Chair: Carla SALVATERRA, Vice-Rector delegated for International Relations, University of Bologna (ITALY)
Selected papers:
- Fabian KRATZ, Bavarian State Institute for Higher Education Research and Planning (GERMANY)
Determinants and Consequences of International Mobility of Students
- Brunilda ZENELAGA, Kseanela SOTIROFSKI, University of Durres (ALBANIA)
The `Brain Gain Hypotheses` of Transition Countries Elites and Socioeconomic Development in Their Home Country (Albanian Emigrants in Italy Sample)
- M. Carolina BRANDI, Sveva AVVEDUTO, Loredana CERBARA, National Research Council - CNR (ITALY)
The reasons of scientists mobility: results from the comparison of outgoing and ingoing fluxes of researchers in Italy
- Stefano BIANCHINI, Istitute for the Central-Eastern and Balkan Europe, University of Bologna (ITALY)
Forging new elites in Post-Conflict societies and the internationalization of the Universities
Discussant: Gilberto ANTONELLI, University of Bologna, AlmaLaurea Scientific Committee Co-ordinator (ITALY)

Aula Absidale S. Lucia
Governance of graduate labour markets III
Chair: Kate PURCELL, IER, University of Warwick (UNITED KINGDOM)
Selected papers:
- Patrizia ORDINE, Giuseppe ROSE, University of Calabria (ITALY)
Educational Mismatch and Wait Unemployment
- Paola POTESTIO, University of Rome III (ITALY)
Delayed entry and the utilization of higher education in Italian youth labour markets: evolution and involution
- Abdeslam SEDDIKI, EST, University of Meknès (MOROCCO)
La problématique d’adéquation entre formation et emploi : cas du Maroc
- Alessandra DECATALDO, Antonio FASANELLA, University of Rome "La Sapienza" (ITALY)
Evaluation of the Italian University Reform Policies
Discussant: Fathia TALAHITE, Economic Centre of North Paris - CEPN, University of "Paris XIII" (ALGERIA)

Aula Facoltà di Lingue
Gender Issues, Inequality, Human Development II
Selected papers:
- Nadereh CHAMLOU, Silvia MUZI, Hanane AHMED, The World Bank - MENA Region (USA)
Understanding the Determinants of Female Labor Force Participation in the Middle East and North Africa Region: The Role of Education and Social Norms in Amman
- Ian WALKER, Yu ZHU, University of Kent (UNITED KINGDOM)
Differences by Degree: Evidence of the Net Financial Rates of Return to Undergraduate Study for England and Wales
- Moris TRIVENTI, University of Milan "Bicocca" (ITALY)
The Gender Gaps in Labour Market Outcomes among recent European Graduates
- Annamaria GÀTI, Péter RÒBERT, TÁRKI - Budapest (HUNGARY)
Gender issues and inequality in higher education outcomes under post-communism
- Gianluca ARGENTIN, University of Milan "Bicocca" (ITALY)
Studying after the degree: new pathways shaped by old inequalities. Evidence from Italy, 1995-2007
Discussant: Jill RUBERY, Manchester School of Management (UNITED KINGDOM)

Final session
Aula Magna Santa Lucia
Chair: Ivano DIONIGI, Rector, University of Bologna


Moderator: Patrizio BIANCHI, Regional Alderman Emilia Romagna, former Rector University of Ferrara (ITALY)

Piero GNUDI, President of Energy Italy - ENEL (ITALY)
Sergio PICARELLI, Chief International Sales Officer, Adecco Group (ITALY)
Jean-Luis GUIGOU, General Delegate of the Institut de Prospective Èconomique du Monde Méditerranéen - IPEMED (FRANCE)
Stella TARGETTI, Regional Alderman Toscana Region (ITALY)
Ilan CHET, Deputy Secretary General, Union for the Mediterranean, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (ISRAEL)
Khaled Fouad ALLAM, University of Trieste (ITALIA)








Scheduled speeches
Luigi PERISSICH, General Director of Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici
Maurizio CHIARINI, Chief Executive Officer of HERA S.p.a.
Angels ALEGRE SANCHEZ, Ministry of Education Spain
Andrea LENZI, President of CUN - National University Council


Comments and prospects
Romano PRODI, Economist; formerly president of the European Commission and Italian President of the Council of Ministers

Given the high number of the received proposals (about 200, coming from 48 different countries), the Local Organizing Committee decided to triplicate the number of sessions initially planned.

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