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AlmaLaurea meets World Bank and Companies in Washington

World Bank, companies and American institutions.
21 May 2013

World Bank, companies and American institutions. AlmaLaurea will be in Washington on June, 4 and 5, for his strong commitment to the process of internationalization, for the establishment of universities networks and cooperation for graduates database’s design and enhancement in third countries. First with the international team of higher education experts from the World Bank, then with companies and American institutions at the Italian Embassy.

The meeting at the World Bank Headquarter in Washington, on June 4, is focused on the presentation of the AlmaLaurea model and tracing systems addressed to the higher education system and developed, at secondary level, with AlmaDiploma and AlmaOrièntati, for the assessment of secondary school system and career guidance.

The AlmaLaurea presentation in Washington, opening a series of seminars organized by the World Bank, on a monthly basis, for examining issues relating to Higher Education, will be also an occasion to discuss the AlmaLaurea sharing of the small group of higher education leaders from around the world to reflect on the future of higher education.

Currently the European Commission has approved 3-year cooperation projects implemented in the Mediterranean Area and neighboring countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Armenia and in the Adriatic sea. In its long-lasting experience AlmaLaurea has undertaken collaboration with international institutions and external stakeholders and experts strongly supporting the implementation of the system in international contexts.

The day after, on June 5, AlmaLaurea will meet companies and American institutions at the Italian Embassy in Washington. The event, that also sees the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute and Italians in Dc, is focused on the presentation of the AlmaLaurea model and on the services provided for Italian companies in the United States and for American companies who are looking to recruit our graduate students.

In the last ten years AlmaLaurea has given more than 3.500.000 curricula to Italian and International companies.

Our goal is to introduce a successful model for sustaining companies who plan to invest in human capital, both in Europe and the rest of the world, and students who face an ever-more globalized job market.

Since 1994, as a 64 Universities consortium (collecting 1.800.000 curricula, 80% of graduates in Italy), with the support of the Italian Ministry of Education, AlmaLaurea has been a model for the analysis of academic performance of graduates’ and of their entry into the labor market, as well as a meeting point for graduates, universities, and the business world. 180,000 curricula are added to the databank yearly and they are certified by universities and translated into English.

The size, quality and timeliness of its services make the AlmaLaurea databank quite unique in Italy and an unequalled model on the international scale.


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