Graduates are getting younger

The XV Profile of Italian graduates has been presented at IULM in Milan. The identikit of 227 thousands of young people coming out from universities in 2012. More internships, fluency in English and experiences abroad during the studies.
06 June 2013

The XV Profile of Italian graduates has been presented and discussed this year during the “Choices, processes, results of higher education” Conference, hosted by the IULM University of Milan, on Wednesday 29th of May, with the involvement and the presence of several heads of secondary upper schools in Lombardy.

Particular attention has been paid to some hot topics of current debates: the characteristics of graduates as they entered university; work experiences during the studies and courses  attendance rate; apprenticeships and study abroad experiences; regularity in students life; the value of exams and graduation marks; the graduates’ assessment on their university experience; the services for the right to study; graduates’ living conditions in campuses; study and employment perspectives after graduation; adults at university; foreign graduates.    

All these topics are linked with education as a tool for social mobility and they are intimately related with the universities assessment issue.

This is a tool – the director of AlmaLaurea, Prof. Andrea Cammelli, states – to improve, once known, higher education and to guide students, bearing in mind those 400 thousands of young people (and their families) that are getting ready to choose whether to pursue or not their studies, going to university. Being aware that with a wider culture one can work more and better, facing with better results the imbalance and the uncertainty about future".

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