Teamwork, across-the-board skills and tools linking graduates with businesses

27 June 2013

At the meeting which took place at the World Bank, Prof. Andrea Cammelli from Bologna – founder and director of AlmaLaurea – found himself side by side with Mr Anthony P. Carnevale, an internationally recognized authority on education, training and employment, former advisor to Mr Clinton (who appointed him as Chairman of the National Commission on Employment Policy) and Mr Bush, currently serving as Director and Research Professor of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.



Mr Carnevale said that even the US is experiencing difficulties in adapting to social changes. “Competition has changed, it is based on speed and quality and this is what job placement chances depend upon. This is why we need to teach young people how important creativity, teamwork and across-the-board skills are. A certain know-how is needed on what is happening among graduates and businesses to raise awareness about the graduates’ skills on one hand and the needs of enterprises on the other. This is why an organization such as AlmaLaurea is extremely useful. The benefits are to be found in the idea of being a source of reliable and updated data on the students’ population as a whole, providing guidance to the students who are about to enroll at university, giving information on the degree courses and future job opportunities – with particular focus on wages and quality of work – and consistently monitoring the quality of the information provided for graduates’ placement on the job market”.

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