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Entrepreneurship and innovation: the graduates’ role. The videos of the conference

02 April 2014

The 16th Survey on Graduates’ Employment Conditions has been presented on the occasion of the Conference “Entrepreneurship and innovation: the graduates’ role” held at the University of Bologna on March10, 2014

The Survey has involved nearly 450,000 graduates from all the 64 Universities that are members of AlmaLaurea,collecting  information on the employment condition of students graduated in 2012, 2010, 2008 interviewed 1, 3 and 5 years after graduation.

The main topic to be addressed at the 16th AlmaLaurea Conference on the Graduates’ Employment Condition is that in order for our country to start on new grounds it is necessary to implement economic policies and institutional reforms targeted towards enhancing the value of the nation’s human resources and rapidly requalify its managing class

The issue of enhancing the value of human resources must extends beyond the national borders and is central to the debate on the economic scenarios of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The conclusions of the conference were handled by Romano Prodi.




The entire documentation after one, three and five years from the graduation is published in the AlmaLaurea Website

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