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Appointment of new board members of AlmaLaurea

Professor Ivano Dionigi is the new President of AlmaLaurea. The appointment of the new President was preceded by the alternation of the Director of AlmaLaurea: Professor Marina Timoteo took the place of Professor Andrea Cammelli.
01 October 2015

On September 23rd in Rome, at the headquarters of the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI), during the General Meeting of 72 member universities, the new President of AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium was appointed. Professor Ivano Dionigi, already Professor of Latin literature and formerly Rector of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna succeeds Professor Fabio Alberto Roversi Monaco. Since 1994, the year of the foundation of AlmaLaurea, Professor Roversi Monaco has been guiding and supporting the Inter-University Consortium. He was appointed Honorary President of the Consortium.

The appointment of the new President, was preceded by the alternation of the Director of AlmaLaurea: from September 1st, 2015 Marina Timoteo - Professor of Comparative Law and Director of the Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna, took the place of Professor Andrea Cammelli.

The sequence of the two charges of the President and the Director of AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium, twenty years after its establishment, confirms the crucial role played by the University of Bologna which has allowed not only the foundation of AlmaLaurea, but it has also accompanied and supported the process of its growth.

Set up in 1994, as a bottom – up experimentation of the University of Bologna that initially formed the Statistical Observatory, on the initiative of Andrea Cammelli, professor of Social Statistics at the University of Bologna and Professor Fabio Alberto Roversi Monaco, at the time, the Rector of the University of Bologna.

AlmaLaurea today involves 72 universities that represent almost entire (90%) population of the Italian graduates.

"The Rectors have strongly wished Ivano Dionigi at the presidency of AlmaLaurea,” declares the President of the CRUI, Gaetano Manfredi. “Dionigi’s high institutional and cultural profile is a guarantee for further strengthening of the commitment of the national universities for the placement of their graduates."

 "Since I founded AlmaLaurea in 1994, transforming the Statistical Observatory born on the initiative of Andrea Cammelli, who was its animator; I was the President of the Consortium. They were important and challenging years. The consortium, of which Professor Andrea Cammelli was the Director until recent months, achieved goals not only previously unthinkable, but goals that are valid within the university system worldwide. Today, recognizing that I have fulfilled my role and that there is a need for innovation through our tired but praiseworthy structures; I have resigned as it was a right thing to do. The time has come to appoint a new Director of the Consortium and we did it! “My very best wishes for successful work to Marina Timoteo and Ivano Dionigi,” says Professor Roversi Monaco.

"I would like to thank all colleague rectors who with great conviction and consensus, elected me to preside over this reality, whose value and prestige were established a long time ago,” says the new President Ivano Dionigi. “The effort now will be on transitioning graduates into the labor market with an emphasis on the international front and more related to the ministries of the University, the Labor and the Conference of Rectors.”

"AlmaLaurea,” says Marina Timoteo, Director of AlmaLaurea, “Is an important reality of our institutional landscape that I am proud to lead for the next three years; looking faraway and I mean it literally. I received at the time of appointment, explicit directions to strengthen the internationalization of the consortium. I am already moving in this direction toward Europe and Brussels and furthermore, toward the Far East, which is my favorite land where AlmaLaurea is already implementing several international projects. "

The Consortium has created a mechanism capable of evaluating and monitoring the short, medium and long period outcomes with regard to the graduates’ profile and employment situation. AlmaLaurea thanks to completed annual surveys provides each of its member universities with periodic, well-timed and reliable documentation on characteristics of their students. It is also committed to ensure to the governing bodies of the universities that are part of the consortium and to the committees dealing with teaching activities and career guidance; reliable and timely documentation for a solid basis to foster all decision making processes and activity planning, with particular reference on training and services intended for the student world.

The immediate access to the online documentation, filtered by type of course, university, faculty/school/department, discipline, degree type and level allows each university to respond to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems (ANVUR). Thanks to the database, collecting more than 2,000,000 certified CVs, many that are updated with the most recent work experience, both in Italian and English, AlmaLaurea acts for facilitating the access of young people to the Italian labor market and enhancing effectively their work experience and education. Furthermore, AlmaLaurea is representing for the public and private Italian and foreign companies, an important tool to support the assessment of potential job applicants, as well as, a fundamental basis for all effective actions of counseling and guidance in the choice of paths at the end of the secondary school.

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