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THEQA Plus: AlmaLaurea in Turkey

In Bologna, it took place at AlmaLaurea premises the offical Project Kick-Off “Turkish Higher Education Quality Assurance and Placement for University System” (THEQA+).
04 December 2015

This project is funded by the European Erasmus + program over a period of three years. Aim of the project is to build an information and communication technology system, first of its kind in Turkey, to enhance the education quality and its impact on the business world. It will provide information flow among business world, universities and university graduates. Companies will be able to post their job openings and search university graduates even by their coursework and grades. University graduates will be able to update their information throughout their careers, look for jobs, and have online interviews with employers through the system. Universities will be able to track their graduates throughout their careers, and with annual reports they will be able to see the success of their training and make the necessary changes in their curriculum to improve the quality of education they provide.

AlmaLaurea, as partner of the Project, has the task of transferring its know-how and skills to the Turkish partners: Izmir University, Ege University-Ebiltem and Sinop University. The project relies on external consultancy provided by an European University as partner in the Project: University of Huelva (Spain).

THEQA+ will be the first of its kind in Turkey. It will provide a platform on which universities of the consortium and the business world can cooperate to increase the efficiency of universities’ curricula as well as the labor market. There are already commercial websites matching employers and employees, and university alumni associations tracking their graduates. THEQA+ will consolidate these activities and it will achieve much more: there will be course and grade information of graduates certified by their universities, and other information entered and updated by students throughout their careers. Registered companies will be able to search all CVs in the system across graduates of all universities in the consortium. They will be able to filter CVs by a specific keyword, by university, by major, by courses taken and grades, by graduation dates, by language skills, and by many other criteria. Then they will be able to download CVs of those satisfying their criteria. Companies can also post job offers online, and receive applications from the graduates in the system, and they can filter these applications using various criteria.

One innovative feature of the project is the virtual platform for recruitments: through this system, employers and applicants can arrange online interviews, which will make the labor market matching process faster, easier and more efficient. With regular reports from the THEQA+ system, universities will be able to analyze the success of their curricula and make necessary changes in their curricula to serve the objectives of their programs better if needed. AL system has been used in some European countries successfully. The efficacy of AL based job intermediation has been proved by international studies on the issue: “Compared to the students of universities that are not part of the Consortium, graduates coming from universities are members of AlmaLaurea have more opportunities to find a job (+ 2%), have a higher average monthly income (+ 3%), are more satisfied with their jobs and have  greater mobility (+ 2.5%)” (Study of M. F. Bagues e M. Sylos Labini presented in Boston within a conference of the National Bureau of Economic Research) . The project will also be supported by  the higher education council in Turkey (YÖK) and the participating universities in the Bologna Process to achieve a higher quality education.

The provision of demand supply matching tools will help in overcoming labor market mismatch and in turn in lower the unemployment in Turkey, which is the main objective of Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) by facilitating labor market intermediation, and also by increasing the quality of training provided to university graduates through the feedback it is providing to universities. The detailed reports on university graduates in the project provided annually by AlmaLaurea will complement reports of İGİD (Young Businessmen Association of Izmir) and EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry) on various aspects of labor market and industries in Turkey. The project will also help increase the quality of placement of students to universities in Turkey by making the job placement of university graduates transparent to prospective students so that they can make informed choices.


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