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THEQA Plus Project

In the framework of the THEQA Plus Project took place the first steering committee host by Izmir University, coordinator of the Project.
12 April 2016

In the framework of the THEQA Plus Project, "Turkish Higher Education Quality Assurance and Placement for University System", on 7-8 April 2016, took place the first steering committee host by Izmir University (as coordinator of the Project). During the second day took place as well the first preliminary training for secretariat staff of Turkish partner Universities.

The meeting was attended by staff members of all partners: Izmir University, AlmaLaurea, Ege University, Sinop University and Huelva University.
In conclusion, the partners discussed about future strategies for the right implementation of the project as well as future activities to be done in order to achieve the project objectives.

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This project is funded by the European Erasmus + program over a period of three years. Aim of the project is to build an information and communication technology system, first of its kind in Turkey, to enhance the education quality and its impact on the business world. It will provide information flow among business world, universities and university graduates. Companies will be able to post their job openings and search university graduates even by their coursework and grades. University graduates will be able to update their information throughout their careers, look for jobs, and have online interviews with employers through the system. Universities will be able to track their graduates throughout their careers, and with annual reports they will be able to see the success of their training and make the necessary changes in their curriculum to improve the quality of education they provide.

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