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University and Work: Italy looks to China

People's Republic of China is the extra-European country most often chosen by Italian graduates for study abroad and for finding a job. The thoughts of the Director of AlmaLaurea, Marina Timoteo, and Professor Wei Ha of the University of Beijing.
09 August 2017

People's Republic of China is an increasingly popular destination for Italian graduates: it is the top non-European country chosen by young people looking to gain experience abroad during their university studies.

"In this choice", explains AlmaLaurea's Director, Marina Timoteo, "students are supported by our data showing how the job status of graduates who have a good knowledge of the Chinese language is better than that of other graduates one year after graduation".



And China not only presents a high-value study opportunity for young Italian students, but also for work. As the director notes, "China has developed a wide-ranging programme that opens up great opportunities for non-Chinese graduates".

In fact, the employment of university graduates is a strategic focus for China.

"Both the government and universities", says Wei Ha, Research Professor of Beijing University, "have put in place policies to increase employment opportunities for graduates, even in rural areas and in western and central China, implementing actions that promote the employment of graduates".

These activities include the creation in all universities of employment centres as well as the organisation of recruiting sessions with companies during specially organised trade fairs, not to mention encouraging young people to start businesses.

To further expand these activities, in January 2017 AlmaLaurea signed an agreement with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China.

"I'm truly impressed by the work that AlmaLaurea has done over the past two decades", adds Professor Wei Ha, "and I am happy that we have been able to establish a partnership with AlmaLaurea. I hope that this collaboration will continue to expand in the future with all Chinese universities".


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