Italy-China, agreement signed to promote the placement of graduates

The agreement between AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium, AlmaLaurea Srl and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China will promote the exchange of human resources between the two countries for the development of university-business relations.
24 August 2017

During the 3rd Conference of Entrepreneurs - Italian Business Community in China (Yanqi Lake, Beijing, 13-15 January 2017), the AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium, AlmaLaurea Srl and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CCIC) signed an agreement to foster the placement of young Italian graduates in China and young Chinese graduates in Italy, and, in general, to develop and strengthen the relationship between universities and business in the two countries.

The partnership aims to facilitate the search for qualified candidates by the companies that belong to the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China and at the same time offer more opportunities for graduates interested in working with China and Italy.

According to AlmaLaurea data, 10% of Italian graduates in 2015 carried out a foreign study experience, of which 2.9% chose China (0.9% in 2005). According to data from the National Student Register, in the academic year 2014/2015 the foreigners who chose to earn a university degree in Italian universities are just under 4% of the total, or about 11,500. Over 1,200 are Chinese (11%): a percentage that grows every year (just five years ago they were 6%).

"We are very happy with this cooperation with AlmaLaurea", says the president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, Sergio Bertasi. Our companies in China believe that human resources are a key factor for success. Cooperating in the scouting and recruiting of qualified candidates with such a prestigious institution is certainly a great step forward in providing services to our members".

The agreement was signed following an initial collaboration during the third edition of Beijing Career Day (Beijing, 15 May 2016) and with the support of the Italian embassy in order to promote joint activities for the presentation of country opportunities.  

"The AlmaLaurea interuniversity consortium, with the participation of the Italian Ministry of Education and 74 Italian universities, is an important player in our country's system of human capital", commented the Director of AlmaLaurea Marina Timoteo. This is a system agreement with an institution that plays a key role in economic relations between Italy and China, which will operate primarily on the placement side, but also from a strategic perspective for presenting country opportunities to young graduates and promoting further initiatives of collaboration between the two countries".



Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CCIC)

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CCIC) is the only association of Italian entrepreneurs and professionals officially recognised by the Italian state (Ministry of Economic Development, MiSE) and the People's Republic of China (Ministry of Civil Affairs, MoCA) that works to foster the internationalisation and localisation of Italian companies and promote products Made in Italy in the PRC.

Established in 1991 in Beijing, today the Chamber is well rooted in the country with offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou.
The members of the CCIC (575 in 2016) include the main Italian businesses (state-owned and multinational Italian companies), manufacturing and commercial SMEs, service companies etc.

For companies located in China and traders with ongoing business activities, the CCIC offers opportunities for information, training, sharing of business contacts and an authoritative platform for representation on topics of common interest. For business owners and professionals interested in expanding their business in China, the CICC offers localisation and promotion services.



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