Prodi: "AlmaLaurea is a treasure for everyone"

31 January 2011


In preparation for the International Conference “Human Capital and Employment in the European and Mediterranean Area”, AlmaLaurea issued a call for papers among young researchers. In a few months two hundred scholars from forty countries have submitted qualified papers on subjects which are regular items on the Euro-Mediterranean political agenda and which are crucial for the younger generations’ future, i.e.: education, the entry into the labour market in time of crisis, gender inequalities, international mobility, the investment in human capital, innovation and research.
The best papers were selected by the Scientific committee chaired by Ambassador Lakhdar Brahimi on Wednesday 26th January. The meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Carisbo Foundation, was attended by the members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, including former Prime Minister Romano Prodi, the Rector of the University of Bologna Ivano Dionigi, the Deputy Secretary of the Union for the Mediterranean Lino Cardarelli, the Rector of the University of Meknes Mohammed Zaher Benabdallah and Kate Purcell (University of Warwick).
The selection of the papers gave the opportunity to discuss both the issues to be dealt with during the international conference- in particular the access to the labour market of young graduates- and the AlmaLaurea system. Until now the Inter-university Consortium, in which 62 Italian universities take part and which represents over 76% of Italian graduates, makes available through its online the database a million and half curricula of Italian graduates also in their English version. The database is a real register of professionals (e.g., newly graduated students and graduates with a 10-year long experience who constantly update their CVs). It is available to both Italian and foreign companies, to large- sized and small-sized ones, as well as to the public administration and offices.
“AlmaLaurea is a priceless treasure, which should be made available to everyone, since it is one of the few undertakings the Italian University can be really proud of", former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi says. “The University of Bologna was the founder of this Consortium. It is a really good undertaking that can benefit both the university and the country - Ivano Dionigi, Rector of the University of Bologna, says - The Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry of Youth and Sport are planning to take steps in this direction to create a database inspired to this model. I hope that they’ll put together both cognitive and economic resources. We are prepared: I wish that the Ministry takes advantage of the opportunity". Lino Cardarelli, Deputy Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean, calls for the extension of the model: "The AlmaLaurea project is very useful: Ongoing negotiations started with Morocco and from there they will expand to other countries." 

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