17 May 2013

The World Bank Headquarter
Washington DC

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The World Bank strongly supports the AlmaLaurea model and its potential extension to third countries. Also, there is a strong interest in AlmaDiploma and AlmaOrièntati.

The forthcoming meeting opens a series of seminars organized by the World Bank (to be held on a monthly basis) that will allow the experts from the WB to examine issues relating to Higher Education.

The meeting, mainly addressed to World Bank experts in Higher Education (about 120 experts have been invited- 40 experts based in Washington-the others working abroad), also sees the participation of with Mr. Francisco Marmolejo, Tertiary Education Coordinator and Lead Tertiary Education Specialist of the World Bank, and Mr. Anthony P. Carnevale, Director and Research Professor of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.

Contents of the meeting:

  • presentation of the AL system (with a focus on services addressed to university)
  • AlmaLaurea  tracing systems  (surveys on graduates’ profile and graduates’ employment condition) and the importance of their potential implementation in developing context
  • AlmaDiploma and AlmaOrièntati as relevant tools in developing countries for implementing educational policies aiming at reduce the drop-out phenomenon

AlmaLaurea is deeply committed to spread awareness in the European and international context; and open to cooperation for graduates database’s design in foreign countries or to establish stronger links with similar experiences. The meeting will be also an occasion to discuss with WB team of experts the  AlmaLaurea sharing of the small group of higher education leaders from around the world to reflect  on the future of higher education. AlmaLaurea will meet a representative of the International Corporation interested in AlmaLaurea model and in tracing system. 

The day after, on june 5, AlmaLaurea will meet companies and American institutions at the Italian Embassy in Washington. The event, that also sees the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute and Italians in Dc, is focused on the presentation of the ALMALAUREA model and on the services provided for Italian companies in the United States and for American companies who are looking to recruit our graduate students.

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