Are you interested in a professional master's programme, a PhD programme, a post-graduate vocational training programme or a second cycle (master of science) degree? Check out the postgraduate courses board and find your way by consulting the profile and graduates' employment condition of the course you are interested in too.

Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies

To improve your skills and broaden your knowledges after graduation, make your choice among the courses offered by the Italian universities. AlmaLaurea only reports courses that are officially held and have been approved by the Italian universities.

Go to the postgraduate courses notice board

graduates' profile

The profile of your degree course

Look at the information about Italian universities and at the results that students get, in order to make your decision or just to compare your studies with their.

Go to the surveys on graduates’profile

graduates' profile

Graduates’ employment condition

Look at the result of the monitoring of graduates’ access to the labour market within the 5 years after graduation to evaluate the effectiveness of the academic system and to assess the attitude of the labour market towards graduates.

Survey on the graduates’ employment condition


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