AlmaLaurea questionnaire

It is reserved to students who are at the end of their studies at University or are completing a professional master's or a Phd programme.

If you are at the end of your studies at one of the Universities taking part to the AlmaLaurea Consortium, your University requires you to fill in the end of course questionnaire. This questionnaire allows you to contribute, with your opinions, to improve your University, to guide students who will come after you and to perform surveys that allows you to monitor how your professional profile access to and develop in the labour market.

Fill in the questionnaire!

If you already have your CV in the AlmaLaurea databank, login to your personal area:

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After having logged in, if the course for which you have to fill in the questionnaire is not already displayed, you can add it by clicking on the "ADD A DEGREE TITLE" button available in your "my degrees" section


If you do not have your CV in the AlmaLaurea databank yet, please complete the registration:



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