XXIII Survey (2021) - Graduates’ Employment Status

The 23rd Survey on Graduates’ Employment Status has involved overall 655,000 graduates from 76 Universities. The Survey refers to 287,000 2019 post-reform first- and second-level degree programme graduates interviewed at one year from graduation; all the 2017 second-level degree programme graduates (117,000) interviewed at three years from the achievement of the degree and all the 2015 second-level degree programme graduates (110,000) investigated at five years from the completion of their studies.
Finally, two specific investigations, usually run by AlmaLaurea, have focused on the first-level graduates of 2017 and 2015 that did not continue their university studies (74,000 and 67,000), interviewed respectively at three and five years from graduation.

Graduates’ Employment Status

The effective framework on the employment condition of graduates can be deepened thanks to the numerous and timely analysis collected in the traditional Report.


Summary Report (pdf)

The Conference (in Italian)

The entire documentation after one, three and five years from graduation

Factors like employment conditions, time needed by graduates for accessing the labour market, kind of contract, earnings, effectiveness of a degree for finding a job etc. are examined for each university, field of studiy, faculty, degree classification, degree programme type and gender.

Methodological notes


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Graduates' Profile

This report of AlmaLaurea gives the picture of the human capital coming from universities. It can be considered a reference point for all the people interested in every single aspect of the Italian university system.

Graduates' Profile

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The volumes of AlmaLaurea are a support to your further analysis on subjects like academic studies and youths’ employment conditions.

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