2021 Survey - 2020 Graduates' Profile

It concerns 291,000 graduates who concluded their studies in 2020 in one of the 76 universities that have been taking part in AlmaLaurea since at least one year. In particular, 165,000 graduates have obtained a first-level degree programme (degree programme type deriving from the University reform), 89,000 have obtained a second-level degree programme and 36,000 have obtained a single-cycle second-level degree programme.


2020 Graduates' Profile

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on Graduates' Profile

Further analysis, examinations and graphs concerning 291,000 newly graduated students.



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Search criteria for each university, faculty, degree programme type and degree classification: degree mark, exam marks, regular attendance of classes, social class, work experiences made during studies…and much more.

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Graduates' Employment Status

This report of AlmaLaurea is the result of the monitoring of graduates’ access to the labour market within the 5 years from graduation. It is a very important tool for evaluating the effectiveness of the academic system and for assessing the attitude of the labour market towards graduates.


Graduates' Employment Status

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The volumes of AlmaLaurea are a support to your further analysis on subjects like academic studies and youths’ employment conditions.


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