CV Database


The AlmaLaurea database is the foundation on which all the services that the Consortium provides to students, graduates, universities and companies are based.

The AlmaLaurea database consists of information from different sources:

  • Administrative data provided by the universities.
  • Information gathered through questionnaires administered to students and graduates.
  • CV data entered by students and graduates.

Currently it contains more than 3.505.000 curriculum vitaes. Only part of the information in the database is used by placement offices of the universities and companies. The rest is used anonymously and aggregated solely for statistical analysis.


Graduate CVs

Service available to all graduates who consent to its creation. The CV is in Europass format, is also available in English and includes an indication if the person belongs to protected categories.

In addition to the personal information and details about the degrees provided and certified by the universities, the graduate can enter information on any aspect of his or her educational and professional backgrounds and a self-assessment of soft skills.


Student CVs

The universities can also extend the possibility for students to enter their CVs from the first year of university enrolment. In this case the CV is useful for documenting internship experiences.


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