AlmaLaurea annual surveys

Every year AlmaLaurea surveys the Profile and the Employment Conditions of graduates, providing participating universities, the Ministry of Education and the National Agency for the Assessment of the University and Research System (ANVUR) with reliable documentation that can facilitate decision-making processes and the planning of activities.

The survey of the Profile is carried out thanks to information distilled from questionnaires that students fill out on the eve of receiving their degrees. The employment status survey is based on data collected with interviews done 1, 3 and 5 years after earning the degree.

For some years now both surveys are also available for Master's and PhD graduates.

The survey involves all the graduates of a given calendar year and makes available documentation that is reliable down to the level of a single degree programme. This allows the universities belonging to the AlmaLaurea Consortium to respond promptly to Ministerial requests required by law (Italian Ministerial Decree 544/2007, Directorial Decree 61/2008, Italian Ministerial Decree 17/2010, Directorial Decree 50/2010 and, among the most recent, Italian Ministerial Decree 635/2016, Directorial Decree 987/2016).




End-of-course questionnaire for GRADUATES ("AlmaLaurea questionnaire")
One of the basic services offered by the Consortium. The questionnaire is filled out by students as they are about to complete their course of study and is useful for surveying the particular characteristics of graduating students. The universities can customise the questionnaire by adding specific questions.

End-of-course questionnaire for MASTER and PHD candidates
Similar to the end-of-course questionnaire for graduates, this is aimed at master's and doctoral candidates.

FIRST YEAR questionnaire
Contains questions aimed at getting to know the students at the beginning of their course of study.
The activation of this service allows students to create and manage their curriculum vitae as soon as they are enrolled.




Survey of the Graduates’ Employment Conditions
The graduates are interviewed at 1, 3 and 5 years after graduation. The data gathered and then returned to the Universities are used to produce the reports that can be viewed on the AlmaLaurea website (also in the re-elaborations useful for the preparation of SUA sheets, transparency forms and summaries for the website).

Survey of the Employment Conditions of Master's and PhD graduates
Similar to the survey conducted of graduates, in the process of being activated at the various universities. It is usually activated together with the end-of-course questionnaires for master's and PhD graduates upon the awarding of the degree. Its activation requires only a formal request by the university.


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