Opportunities for professional growth in Magneti Marelli

The Company

Magneti Marelli is an international company founded in Italy in 1919, committed to the design and production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector, based in Italy (Corbetta, Milan).

With a turnover of € 7,9 billion in 2016, about 43000 employees, 89 production units, 12 R&D Centres and 30 Application Centres, the Group has a presence in 20 Countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Romania, Turkey, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia).

Magneti Marelli supplies all the leading car makers in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Within the scope of its mission as a world-wide automotive systems and components supplier, Magneti Marelli aims at combining quality and competitive offer, technology and versatility, with the goal of making key technologies available to the final user at a competitive price.

Through a process of constant innovation, Magneti Marelli aims at optimising transversal know-how in the electronics field in order to develop intelligent systems and solutions that contribute to the advancement of mobility, according to criteria relating to environmental sustainability, safety and quality of life onboard the vehicles.

Magneti Marelli is part of FCA.


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Who We Are Looking For

Magneti Marelli offers various possibilities for internships or fellowships, both in Italy and abroad, and cooperates with universities and international polytechnics through the participation in events, searching for continuous and direct contact with young people who are interested in knowing us better and in receiving information on the opportunity to join the Magneti Marelli Company.

Magneti Marelli mostly recruits talented people through the following recruiting channels:

  • Spontaneous applications
  • University recruiting lists
  • Job fairs
  • Company presentations held at the universities
  • Social networks
  • Business games
  • E-Recruiting platforms
  • Personnel and employment agencies


Required Resources

Magneti Marelli is seeking talent, passion and openness to change. In return it offers strong opportunities for professional growth and development.

Working at Magneti Marelli means living a dynamic reality in a highly innovative environment that is able to address global issues with international partners.

Innovation is the quintessential factor that determines the competitive advantage. Magneti Marelli has structured its own internal Research and Development centres in every single business area. In 2016 Magneti Marelli dedicated more than 5.3% of turnover and over 3,000 persons to research.

The concept of “openness”, more specifically of professional and cultural openness, constitutes one of the cornerstones of our company philosophy, together with curiosity, both personal and professional. Curiosity is understood as the desire to face challenges, not being afraid to get involved regardless of the scope or the line of business in which you are working. This element encourages dynamism, pushing to ask questions that are perhaps trivial or simple but which are an expression of courage to admit wanting to discover and learn new things.

You can undertake work experience abroad, learn about different functional areas or pursue a specialist or managerial career. The enthusiasm in addressing new challenges and the willingness to move in international circles are valued and necessary attitudes, together with teamworking and leadership skills. A spirit of initiative and a focus on innovation are important qualities, especially when enriched by experience of research and study abroad. An excellent knowledge of English and of a second language complete the picture of the most requested company profiles.

Considering its business core, the most required educational backgrounds deal with scientific and technical disciplines, such as Engineering, Technics, Sciences, Economics and, in some cases, Magneti Marelli also searches for students coming from other educational backgrounds, such as Law and Social Sciences, in functional areas like HR, Communication and Legal. What is very important for Magneti Marelli is attracting and recruiting students who are driven by passion, strong sense of commitment, motivation and eagerness to learn.


Considering its global presence in the world, Magneti Marelli requires a fluent knowledge of English. The knowledge of further languages is welcome.

Students/Interns are generally required to have a good knowledge of the main MS Office IT tools. If the internship/job opportunity is previewed in a specific business domain, people can also be asked to have more technical IT skills.


Contract Typology

For newly graduates and students, Magneti Marelli offers a variety of internships and job opportunities. The majority of these opportunities generally begin with a temporary contract which can, in future, be turned into a permanent contract (depending on the successful conclusion of them and also considering the Company’s hiring possibilities).



It is possible to apply for the selections by responding to adverts for open positions or by filling out the online form and inserting your CV in the database in the “Careers” section. In both cases, the application will be received with the candidate being able to receive updates at any time. If your CV is interesting, you may be contacted to proceed with the first steps of selection which take place through both assessment based on group dynamics and via preliminary and in-depth interviews conducted directly with the line manager and with the Human Resources department.

In 2014 more than 1,000 internships were activated worldwide.

To see the most recent open positions, people are advised to regularly consult Magneti Marelli’s official website 

Magneti Marelli has also a dedicated section for recruitment on LinkedIn and on “La Repubblica degli Stagisti” site.