University Orientation tools

If you still have not a clear idea about your educational and professional future, AlmaLaurea can help you.

Effective orientation is the first step towards making informed choices and achieving satisfactory goals.

What are you favourite subjects? Do you know what the job market demand are in terms of skills and professionalism? And what is the profession you consider most suitable for you?

Here are the orientation tools that will help you get clear about your potential, acquire information from official sources and find out about the experiences of those who have previously entered the university and job market.


These orientation paths are only available in Italian.

orientation tools

To learn more about degree programmes and professions explore our infographics

Degree programme classes infographic

You can start from what you love to study to get to know what professions are most common among those who have already obtained that degree...

Professions infographic

...or you can start from you ideal job to get to know what degree programmes are most popular among those who pursue that very profession today.

Start browsing

You have the possibility to move from one infographic to another, in a virtual path that gives you an overview of the available options.

Degree programme classes infographic

Find out more about degree programmes you are interested in by browsing degree programme classes, to learn about the characteristics and the educational and professional performances of graduates who already completed that course (avarage age at graduation, satisfaction with the university experience, employment rate...)

Professions infographic

Find out more about your ideal profession: browse more than 400 professions to learn their characteristics (salary, type of contract, average time to enter the labour market...) and to get information on the educational path and perfomances of graduates doing the work today that you might do tomorrow.

Flusso formazione

The Guide for students

These contents are currently only available in Italian


The Glossary

the words to understand, how to orient yourself between EQF, joint degrees, double degrees, entrance tests, degree programme classes...

Right to study

everything you need to know about the services provided by regional administrations...

The university system

how it is structured, the different types of degree programmes and their levels...

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