Projects with universities

AlmaLaurea historically collaborates with universities to produce reports, in-depth studies or projects.

Here are some of the partnerships and projects realised by AlmaLaurea Consortium and AlmaLaurea srl.


#AL Lavoro #inclusione Abruzzo - Abruzzo universities

An initiative of the three Abruzzo universities - University of Aquila, G. d'Annunzio University, University of Teramo – and the Gran Sasso Science Institute, with the support of the Abruzzo region. The first Regional Job Fair of the Abruzzo Region was organised: #AL Lavoro #inclusione Abruzzo.

AlmaLaurea was chosen as the technical partner of this digital career fair supported by the regional government, the local universities and research institutes and the companies involved, especially local small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Human capital management - University of Siena

A trilateral memorandum of understanding between AlmaLaurea Srl, the AlmaLaurea Consortium and the University of Siena for the creation of an Ecosystem of innovative services to facilitate the entry of graduates into the working world.

To help achieve this goal Human Capital Management was launched, a programme aimed at enriching the academic training of the participating students with digital and cross-cutting knowledge and at fostering an informed entry into the job market.

The programme, which began in December 2019 and ended in March 2021, was co-designed by the University of Siena, AlmaLaurea srl, companies in the Tuscan area and lecturers at the University of Siena, and involved students from the humanities, political and social sciences and law.

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AL Lavoro Sicilia - Sicilian universities

A trilateral memorandum of understanding between AlmaLaurea Srl, the AlmaLaurea Consortium and the Coordination Committee of the Network of Placement Offices of Sicilian Universities - University of Palermo, University of Catania, University of Messina and Kore University of Enna.

The aim of the memorandum is the creation of an ecosystem of innovative services in order to facilitate the entry of graduates into the working world through the innovation of employment services and the transfer of good practices to university staff.

With this objective in mind, the AL Lavoro Sicilia event was inaugurated in 2019 and participatory design and e-skills training initiatives have been held.

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Recruiter Project - University of Bologna

As part of the “Labour and Corporate Relations Consultants” degree programme at the University of Bologna, AlmaLaurea srl participates in the Recruiter Project.

Designed for second- and third-year students, the course is designed to present the professional figure of the recruiter, illustrating the skills required, the recruiting tools available and some personnel selection methods.

Three sessions have been offered since May 2019 with a total involvement of over 160 students engaged in lectures and lab work.

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