AlmaLaurea surveys

AlmaLaurea's statistical surveys constitute a reliable documentary basis for planning and improving the educational offer, orientation activities and student services.

The statistical surveys on the profile and employment status of university graduates, PhD and Professional Master's graduates are a reference point for the country system.

Profile and Employment Status: Our Annual Surveys

Professional Master’s graduates

Everything you should know about degree programmes

Average graduation mark, timing of graduation, experience gained, satisfaction with the course completed. We analyse degree programmes by looking at the characteristics and educational and professional performance of the graduates who have attended them.

Everything you should know about graduate professions

Salary, job description, educational background and experience gained during studies. We analyse more than 400 professions to find out their specific features and to find out which university programmes were attended by the graduates who hold them.

AlmaLaurea data

Statistical data collected and processed
by AlmaLaurea are publicly available
(in italian)

Our survey methodology

Interested in finding out more about how we carry out our annual surveys? (in italian)

Thematic surveys

We also carry out ad hoc surveys and in-depth studies on specific topics of interest (in italian).

Rankings: how reliable are they?

With rankings, there is a risk of making hasty judgements that put the employment usefulness of different educational paths in doubt: we can explain why. (in italian)