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Organisational structure

Holders of political, administrative, management or government offices

The General Meeting of Members
is made up of the Italian Rectors of the member universities as well as a representative of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.

The Board of Directors
includes 3 members elected by the General Meeting of Members, the Chairman of the Consortium and a representative of the Italian Ministry of University and Research.
Here is the list of the members of the Board of Directors

The Chairman
who is elected by the General Meeting of Members.

The Director
who is elected by the Board of Directors.

The Scientific-Strategic Committee
is elected by the Assembly and is made up of a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 17 members, one of whom is indicated by AlmaDiploma and one is a representative of the institutions belonging to the Alta Formazione Artistica Musicale.
Here is the list of the members of the Scientific-Strategic Committee

The Board of Auditors
is elected by the General Meeting of Members, one of whom is chosen from among the Officers of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.
Here is the list of the members of the Board of Auditors

The Supervisory Body
In compliance with the provisions of art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. b) of Legislative Decree 231/2001, according to which the Supervisory Body is provided with "autonomous powers of initiative and control" and taking into account the indications provided by Confindustria Guidelines, AlmaLaurea identifies its Supervisory Body as a collective one with an expert in criminal law, one in administrative law, and a in-house person with specific knowledge of Consortium's activities and processes.
Here is the list of the members of the Supervisory Body


Our People

Prof. Ivano Dionigi

Prof. Marina Timoteo

Technical Executive   
Alberto Leone - Silvia Ghiselli

Secretariat for direction purposes
Julia D'Antonio - Miriam Terzi

Statistics Office
Davide Cristofori - Claudia Girotti - Enrico Bartolini - Sara Binassi - Eleonora Bonafè - Maria Assunta Chiarello - Valentina Conti - Silvia Galeazzi – Daniela Perozzi - Lara Tampellini – Alessandro De Cristofaro – Donatella Mauro

International Relations
Enrico Dongiovanni - Malgorzata Dudko - Dorel Manitiu - Luisa Mengoni

Elisabetta Gualandi - Filippo Samachini

Database Production and Services to Universities
Stefania Gualandi - Annamaria Lilli - Matilde Osti - Simone Pescerelli

User Support
Monica Fichera - Eleonora Fiorini - Veronica Giaquinta

Administration, Accounting and Human Resources
Laura Fabbri - Eleonora Zerbinati – Luca Marchi

Information Systems
Luana Conti - Fabio D'Angelo - Alice Graziosi - Luca Santandrea - Claudia Severi - Alessio Tropea  - Andrea Zapparoli - Raffaele Capozzi

Operational Headquarters

Viale Masini, 36
40126 Bologna - Italy
Tel. +39 051 6088919
Fax. +39 051 6088988

Use of personal data. Published personal data may be re-used only under the conditions provided for by the regulations in force on the re-use of public data (EU directive 2003/98/EC and legislative decree 36/2006 transposing the same), in terms complying with the purposes for which they were collected and recorded, and with the regulations on the protection of personal data.