Institutional collaborations

AlmaLaurea historically collaborates with institutions, organisations to produce reports, in-depth studies or projects.

Here are some of the partnerships and projects realised by AlmaLaurea Consortium and AlmaLaurea srl.


Ministry of University and Research (MUR) and Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of the Universities and Research Institutes (Anvur)

On behalf of its participating Universities, AlmaLaurea annually provides MUR with documentation on Profile and Employment Status, useful for the 2021-2023 three-year planning ( cf. the most recent Ministerial Decree 289/2021).

On behalf of its participating Universities, AlmaLaurea annually provides Anvur with documentation on the Profile and Occupational Status as part of the AVA2 System (Self-Assessment, Periodic Assessment, Accreditation) ( cf. the most recent Ministerial Decree 1154/2021).



A Memorandum of Understanding with Unioncamere was signed in 2019 and renewed in 2021.

The aim of the Memorandum of Understanding is to collaborate in the area of the transition from education to the job market, for facilitating the matching of labour supply and demand, also with respect to the certification of competences and skills acquired in non-formal and informal contexts. In this respect, an integration between the AlmaLaurea database and the Infocamere-Telemaco database has been carried out, so as to identify the characteristics and performance of graduates who have started an entrepreneurial activity, or participated in a company by acquiring shares of capital, with a long-term perspective (the AlmaLaurea database includes graduates since 1996). Such results were presented in December 2019 at the conference presenting the "Degree and Entrepreneurship" Report.

The study, conducted in collaboration with the Department of Management - DISA of the University of Bologna, ended in November 2020 with the drafting of a Final Report. Specific Reports were also prepared for each university and shared with Consortium member universities.

Besides, AlmaLaurea collaborated in the preparation of a Report analysing the professional outlets of graduates, according to the information collected by the Excelsior Information System. The Report was also enriched by a selection of the main results of the survey on the employment status of graduates and by a section devoted to orientation.


Pronti AL Lavoro Reggio Emilia - Reggio Emilia Chamber of Commerce

The partnership between AlmaLaurea srl and the Reggio Emilia chamber of commerce is a result of the three-year memorandum of understanding between Unioncamere and the AlmaLaurea Consortium (2021-2023).

One of the objectives of the protocol is to facilitate the matching of labour supply and demand, pursued both through specific actions in the area of intermediation and through the strengthening of the monitoring and guidance tools available today.

This is the purpose behind PRONTI AL Lavoro Reggio Emilia, the online career fair that allows companies in the area to get to know and be known by current and prospective university graduates from Emilia-Romagna, in a 100% digital format.

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OECD - Piattaforma Competenze e Lavoro

'Piattaforma Competenze e Lavoro' is a competences, skills and job matching platform born from a joint initiative of AlmaLaurea, INAPP, Unioncamere and the OECD, in collaboration with JP Morgan. This platform is designed to present information on the professional needs of Italian companies, competences and skills needed to perform a job, and academic educational paths available in Italy.

The Platform is designed to help reducing the mismatch between demand and supply of skills and competences in the job market which, under the impetus of the important structural trends currently underway, is stifling productivity and innovation.

'Piattaforma Competenze e Lavoro' is available on laptops, tablets and smartphones and allows users to query the databases of the partners involved to obtain information that can help young people, families, workers and companies in aligning the supply of skills and competences with labour market demands and take advantage of the ongoing changes that are revolutionising the job market.



AlmaLaurea contributes to INAPP's Information System of Professions with infographics on the professions carried out by graduates. The Information System gathers statistical documentation, collected on professions, from various entities, including MUR, ISTAT, INAPP, UNIONCAMERE, INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work).


Fondazione Symbola

'Fondazione Symbola' is a foundation that promotes and aggregates Italian qualities through research, events and projects that improve the country, focusing on innovation and development, beauty and creativity, human capital and territory. For their 2021 Report dedicated to the 'Design Economy', they asked AlmaLaurea for some statistical data on Design graduates, to be included in the Report itself.