Professions and job market

What is your dream job? Which degree programme can help you get there?

Browse through more than 400 professions to find out their features: type of contract, area, salary, coherence between qualification and job.

You must bear in mind that there is not just one way to get to the same destination. It is up to you to choose your own path with your own creativity.

How do you get your dream job?

Find out what degree programmes they graduated from and the university performance of graduates performing today the job you might do in the future.

Still not having a clear idea?

Start with AlmaJob now to find out which profession is closest to your aptitudes and discover which degree programmes are best suited to prepare you (in italian)

University orientation tools

Still not sure which degree programme is the right one for you? Learn more about all the orientation paths available to you!

The Guide for students

These contents are currently only available in Italian


The Glossary

the words to understand, how to orient yourself between EQF, joint degrees, double degrees, entrance tests, degree programme classes...

Right to study

everything you need to know about the services provided by regional administrations...

The university system

how it is structured, the different types of degree programmes and their levels...

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