Support for orientation purposes

AlmaLaurea organises and partecipates in orientation activities, both incoming and outgoing, addressed to secondary school students, future first-year students or university students who are about to graduate.

This is to provide, on the basis of our own statistical surveys, information and documentation, useful for making an informed educational or career choice.

A few of the most recent events are listed below.

Rotary Club of Portogruaro and that of the North-East


Since 2018, AlmaLaurea has been holding an annual cycle of orientation meetings dedicated to students attending the last two year classes of secondary schools in December. AlmaLaurea has made available its documentation and experience in this area by defining the contents of the days' speeches. For the very first years such events were realised in person. Since 2020 the meeting is fully available online, with live streaming on AlmaLaurea's YouTube page and students can interact with the speakers via chat.






Mantua Chamber of Commerce

The collaboration between AlmaLaurea and Mantua Chamber of Commerce is part of the three-year Memorandum of Understanding between Unioncamere and AlmaLaurea Consortium (2021-2023).
One of the objectives of the protocol is to strengthen the monitoring and orientation tools for students.

Accordingly, AlmaLaurea has recorded some videos on university choice, including an illustration of AlmaOrièntati.

Videos are uploaded and available to students on a dedicated e-learning platform of the Mantua Chamber of Commerce. Students who watch the videos receive recognised university credits within the Transversal Skills and Orientation Pathways.


OECD - Piattaforma Competenze e Lavoro

'Piattaforma Competenze e Lavoro' is a competences, skills and job matching platform born from a joint initiative of AlmaLaurea, INAPP, Unioncamere and the OECD, in collaboration with JP Morgan. This platform is designed to present information on the professional needs of Italian companies, competences and skills needed to perform a job, and academic educational paths available in Italy.

The Platform is designed to help reducing the mismatch between demand and supply of skills and competences in the job market which, under the impetus of the important structural trends currently underway, is stifling productivity and innovation.'Piattaforma Competenze e Lavoro' is available on laptops, tablets and smartphones and allows users to query the databases of the partners involved to obtain information that can help young people, families, workers and companies in aligning the supply of skills and competences with labour market demands and take advantage of the ongoing changes that are revolutionising the job market.

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