CONVEGNO - Bologna - 27/02/2004


University-to-work transition
in Europe and in Italy

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Knowledge of the most relevant characteristics and significant ways in which university graduates enter the workplace constitutes an indispensable means of assessing not only the universities where they received their education, but the labour market, the research sector and public administration as well. Such assessments, if based on reliable and updated documentation, are all the more important.

The presentation of the 6th Study on University Graduate Employment Conditions, which also marks ALMALAUREA’s first ten years of existence, will be preceded by the reflections of a number of international experts on university-to-work transitions across Europe. ALMALAUREA’s aim with this conference, in accordance with the objectives laid down in the Bologna Declaration on the European space for higher education, is to make a contribution to greater comparability among national systems of higher education. It will address criteria and methods used for evaluating the quality of higher education and enhancing the employability of all new graduates.

Based on the large number of universities and graduates (45,000) involved and on the graduates’ interest and accessibility (83% responded to telephone interviews), and taking into account the time interval under observation (for the first time, data was obtained from graduates five years subsequent to their degrees; two previous intervals, one and three years, respectively, were also considered), the documentation presented in the 6th Study provides a reliable database, opening the way for further discussion and development.


Presentation of the 6th ALMALAUREA Study
on University Graduate Employment Conditions

Friday, 27 February, 2 p.m.
University-to-Work Transitions: The European Experience

Chairman: Giancarlo GASPERONI (University of Bologna)

Harald SCHOMBURG (Kassel University, Centre for Research on Higher Education and Professions)
United Kingdom
John BRENNAN (Open University, Centre for Higher Education Research and Information)
Pierre DUBOIS (Marne-la-Vallée University, Observatoire des Formations, des Insertions Professionnelles, Evaluations)
José Ginés MORA and Adela GARCIA-ARACIL (Technical University of Valencia)
Rolf van der VELDEN (Maastricht University, Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market)
Ewa GIERMANOWSKA (Warsaw University, Institute of Applied Social Sciences)
Peter ROBERT (TÁRKI RT Social Research Institute, Budapest)
Jean-Luc HELLER (Indicators and Analysis Division, Directorate for Education)
Irena KOGAN (Mannheim University, EUROSTAT project co-ordinator: "Evaluation and Analyses on School-to-Work Transition in Europe")
Maria Pia SORVILLO, Paola UNGARO (ISTAT, Department of Education and Culture)
Silvia GHISELLI, Furio CAMILLO, Bruno CHIANDOTTO (ALMALAUREA Inter-University Consortium)
Saturday, 28 February, 9.30 a.m.
The Employment Conditions of Italian University Graduates
Introduction by Pier Ugo CALZOLARI (Rector, University of Bologna)
Chairman: Fabio ROVERSI MONACO (President, ALMALAUREA Inter-University Consortium)

Presentation of the 6th ALMALAUREA Employment Condition Study
Andrea CAMMELLI (Director, ALMALAUREA Inter-University Consortium)

Piero TOSI (President, Conference of Italian University Rectors)
Giuseppe DE RITA (President, National Committee University System Assessment)
Anna Maria ARTONI (President, Central Council of Young Entrepreneurs, Confindustria)
Carlo CALLIERI (Managing Director, Initiativa Piemonte Spa)
Luciano GALLINO (University of Turin)
Renato MANNHEIMER (Milan Bicocca University)
Tiziano TREU (Catholic University of Milan)
Umberto PAOLUCCI (Vice President, Microsoft Corporation)
Tommaso AGASISTI (President of National Council of University Students)
Letizia MORATTI (Minister for Education, University and Research)
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