CONVEGNO - Napoli - 17/03/2016

AlmaLaurea - University of Naples Federico II

Higher education and jobs:
Perspectives over space and time


The conference is split into three sessions, a round table and conclusions. The first session consists in a presentation and a discussion of some relevant issues inspired by the two yearly surveys by AlmaLaurea:  on profile and employment condition of Italian graduates 2015.   

The first survey, carried on approximately 270 thousand graduates from 71 Italian universities, provides a detailed picture of the graduates’ key features: from academic success to academic conditions, from satisfaction for the completed curriculum to international internships, work and study experiences during as undergraduates.

The second survey, carried on over 570 thousand graduates from 71 Italian universities, reviews the position achieved on the employment markets in Italy, Europe and in the rest of the world by the interviewed graduates in 2014, 2012 and 2010, one, three and five years after their graduation, respectively. It is a key indicator of the external effectiveness of the academic system and a measure of the graduates’ success and value on the employment markets.

The presentation of the two surveys will be fostered by three focuses: the first one on new trends in employment markets, partly in the light of the latest regulatory reforms; the second one on the migration of graduates for study and work, the third one on the different types of graduates, each one with its own educational and occupational requirements and performance, with a focus on foreign students, working students and “deserving” students .

The second session, called “Geographical perspectives: International mobility”, consists in a presentation and a discussion of a survey by AlmaLaurea about graduates’ international mobility. It tries to get an insight into graduates’ international mobility by looking at the factors that drive them to migrate abroad for work and the extent of the advantage gained by Italian graduates working abroad in terms of wages. The results of the survey seem to dispel a number of clichés about the identity and reasons of graduates who decide to leave Italy.

The third session, which deals with “Perspectives over time: Forecasting educational needs”, aims at understanding the impact of new technology and organisational models on quality of work and jobs, in the light of the dramatic changes that global economy is experiencing.

The effects of job polarisation and different scenarios (robotization and "überization"), which demand new insights on the role and relevance of human capital  formation, will be explored.

The conference will go on with the round table on “Employment forecasts, internationalization of higher education and local disparities” and will end with the conclusions by the Minister of Education, University and Research. 







9:30 a.m.


Welcome addresses
10:00 - 10:15 a.m.
Gaetano MANFREDI (Rector of the University of Naples Federico II, President CRUI)
Ivano DIONIGI (President of AlmaLaurea)


1st Session
Presentation of the 18th edition of the AlmaLaurea surveys

Chair: Ivano DIONIGI (President of AlmaLaurea)

10:15 - 11:30 a.m.
18th Edition of the surveys on profile and employment condition of Italian graduates

Marina TIMOTEO (Director of AlmaLaurea)
Silvia GHISELLI (AlmaLaurea)
Davide CRISTOFORI (AlmaLaurea)
Claudia GIROTTI (AlmaLaurea)


2nd Session
Geographical perspectives: International mobility

Chair: Filippo DE ROSSI (Rector of the University of Sannio)

11:30 - 12:45 a.m.
International migration of graduates

Furio CAMILLO (University of Bologna)
Giorgio VITTADINI (University of Milano Bicocca; CRISP, Milan)
Sara BINASSI (AlmaLaurea)

Boike REHBEIN (Humboldt University, Berlin; Global Study Programme - GSP)
Elisabetta MARINELLI (IPTS - European Commission, Sevilla)


12:45 - 2:30 p.m.


3rd Session
Perspectives over time: Forecasting educational needs

Chair: Alberto Felice DE TONI (Rector of the University of Udine)

2:30 - 4:15 p.m.
Forecasting employment prospects for higher education graduates

Chris WARHURST (Warwick Institute of Employment Research - IER, University of Warwick)

Gilberto ANTONELLI (University of Bologna, AlmaLaurea)


Round table
Employment forecasts, internationalization of higher education and local disparities

Moderator: Gaetano MANFREDI (Rector of the University of Naples Federico II, President CRUI)

4:15 - 5:45 p.m.
Daniele LIVON (Ministry of Education, University and Research)
Roger GREATREX (Lund University)
Giovanni GUIDETTI (University of Bologna, AlmaLaurea)
Andrea GUARALDO (HR Director, L'Oréal Italy)
Diego CIULLI (Policy Manager, Google Italy)
Francesca PATELLANI (Human Capital & Diversity Lead, Accenture)


5:45 p.m.

Stefania GIANNINI (Minister of Education, University and Research)



Scientific coordinators:
Prof. Gilberto ANTONELLI (Scientific and Strategic committee of AlmaLaurea)
Prof.ssa Marina TIMOTEO (Director of AlmaLaurea)


Languages of the Conference: Italian and English with simultaneous translation



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