AlmaLaurea in support of higher education and the employability of graduates in Tunisia

The Erasmus + TUNED project presented in the framework of a webinar dedicated to the universities of the Mediterranean basin.

On June 30th, a webinar was held on the Erasmus + TUNED project, "TUnisian Network for Employability and Development of graduates' skills", coordinated by AlmaLaurea and aimed at supporting the reform of the higher education system in Tunisia.

The webinar is part of a cycle of events on the subject of entrepreneurship and employability of graduates promoted by UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union, partner of the TUNED project, within the framework of the Subnetwork on Employability.

The webinar featured the results of 4 years of work developed in favor of the Tunisian Ministry of University and Scientific Research and the 9 Tunisian partner universities of the project, to monitor students' study paths and analyze the characteristics and performance of graduates on the academic and employment fronts, as well as to encourage the match between supply and demand for skilled work, with particular attention to the challenges, lessons learned and the impact of the project.

The lively discussion between the speakers and the participants – 20 representatives from Algerian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Palestinian and Tunisian Universities - identified avenues of reflection for the implementation of similar solutions in other national contexts, confirming AlmaLaurea's commitment to the internationalization of its activities in favor of graduates, universities and businesses.


Marcello Scalisi, Director of UNIMED
Sélim Mekdessi, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration of the Lebanese University and Coordinator of the UNIMED Subnetwork on Employability
Enrico Dongiovanni, AlmaLaurea Project manager for international relations and Coordinator of the Erasmus + TUNED Project
Rachid Said, Vice-rector of the University of Monastir
Hanen Rebhi, Statistical Engineer and Director of the Career Center of the University of Jendouba

Project partners:

AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium (lead partner)
Tunisian Ministry of University and Scientific Research
University of Carthage
University of Gabes
University of Gafsa
University of Jendouba
University of Kairouan
University of Monastir
University of Sfax
University of Sousse
University of Tunis
University of Chypre
University of Grenade
University of Naples Federico II
UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union