TRACED Project, First Dissemination Meeting

The 2022 AlmaLaurea Conference provided an opportunity to introduce the TRACED Project "Towards Regular Availability of Comparative European Data on graduates".

On the 16th of June 2022, the first dissemination meeting foreseen in the framework of the TRACED project took place at the University of Bologna’s premises at the occasion of the AlmaLaurea’s annual conference organized to illustrate the results of the 2021 census surveys on Italian graduates’ profile and employment status.

The TRACED project, co-funded by the European Commission, foresees a tight collaboration with the Eurograduate survey coordinator 2022 and the European network on graduate tracking in order to allow EU-level comparative analyses on graduate outcomes. The set-up of a national research team comprising AlmaLaurea, the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) and Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) aims at making the tracking system run by AlmaLaurea in Italy even more comprehensive.

The 2022 AlmaLaurea ConferenceData integration and power of information” provided an opportunity to introduce the context, objectives and expected results of the Eurograduate Tracking initiative 2022 and the TRACED project to a wide audience - more than 400 participants attended the conference in presence and online - including national, regional and local authorities, research and business communities.

Following an introduction to the main results of the surveys conducted by AlmaLaurea – 300.000 graduates from 77 universities involved in the 2021 graduates’ profile survey and 660.000 graduates from 76 universities involved in the 2021 graduate tracking survey, the Conference hosted two round tables on “Data integration and career guidance: training for work” and “Data integration processes: analytics for work”.

Thus, stakeholders from AlmaLaurea, the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research, ISTAT, Italian universities’ representatives, INVALSI, Unioncamere and ANPAL had a thorough discussion on the current best practices of administrative data sources integration as well as on the challenges and future perspectives towards data driven higher education and labour policies at national and international level.


For more details on the TRACED project, please consult the project information sheet.