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AlmaLaurea srl

AlmaLaurea srl is an employment services company that provides services to facilitate the matching of qualified labour supply and demand through the intermediation, research and selection of personnel in synergy with universities and competent public institutions and the working world.

We are committed to supporting young graduates in order to facilitate their entry into the working world, with the intention of also helping companies to grow and, more generally, to make an active contribution to the national economy.

We are a subsidiary of the AlmaLaurea Consortium, and we work with companies and universities to develop communication strategies, employer branding and campus recruiting through specially organised activities and events. Indeed, we work closely with the management of companies and professional firms, HR managers, trade associations, public, private and training organisations and employment agencies. We provide them with specific Digital Recruiting, Employer Branding and Personnel Selection services.

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Where we are

Bologna - Headquarters

Viale Masini, 36 - 40126


Piazza Santa Maria Beltrade, 2 - 20123


Via Lisbona, 10 - 35127


Viale delle Scienze, Edificio 2 - 90128


Via Savoia, 78 - 00198


Via Valdimontone, 1 – 53100

Our team

Presidente e Amministratore Delegato

Francesca Pasquini

Area Sviluppo e Innovazione

Marco Piana (Responsabile)

Area Commerciale e Marketing

Luca Limongelli (Responsabile)

Area Programmazione e Gestione Servizi Intermediazione e Placement

Ufficio Intermediazione e Orientamento al Lavoro
Elena Ghelli (Responsabile)



Ufficio Ricerca e Selezione Personale e Gestione della Qualità dei servizi
Sara Loprieno (Responsabile)



Area Affari Generali e Amministrazione, Finanza e Controllo

Ufficio Amministrazione, Finanza e Controllo
Giulia Malaguti, Antonella Vignoli (Responsabile)



Ufficio Affari Generali
Chiara Braschi (Responsabile)



Unità Operative Servizi al Lavoro - UOSL

Bologna Sede centrale

Elena Ghelli, Martina Luminoso, Giovanna Pezzi, Marco Piana, Federica Ricciardi, Daniela Viaggi (Responsabile)

Nord Ovest Milano

Luca Limongelli (Responsabile ad interim), Tanya Milisenda, Sara Loprieno, Matteo Sacchi

Nord Est Padova

Chiara Cordellina (Responsabile), Andrea Vizzacchero

Centro Sud Italia Roma

Silvio Marchettini (Responsabile), Rossella Parisi

Centro Italia Siena

Martina Cesaroni, Alice Innocenti, Marco Piana (Responsabile ad interim)

Sud Italia Sicilia

Maria Picone, Laura Taormina (Responsabile)

For companies

Online recruiting, search and selection, employer branding, digital and face-to-face recruiting events.
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