CONVEGNO - Pollenzo-Bra - 17/04/2014

AlmaLaurea - University of Gastronomic Sciences

Opportunities and Challenges for Higher Education in Italy 


The ongoing economic crisis continues to affect mainly young people, who are exposed, along with their families and the university system, to unprecedented pressure as concerns the quality of their educational choices, the fulfillment of their right to an education and the transmission of useful skills for inclusion in the labour market.

The annual conference is devoted to the presentation of the results of the 16th  AlmaLaurea Survey on Graduates’ Profile, which highlights - by means of a data-base related to 230,000 graduates from 64 universities - opportunities and challenges for higher education in Italy.

On the same day all the documentation, broken down by university and degree programme, will be available on the AlmaLaurea website. This documentation will provide upper secondary school students with friendly guidance tools complementing AlmaDiploma and AlmaOrièntati services. 

Enlightening in-depth analyses will be provided throughout the day, focusing on the soft skills acquired by the Italian graduates in university education and the positive effects that guidance initiatives targeting upper secondary education have on university students’ academic performance.

Experiences abroad during the university studies will be the focus of another in-depth analysis, which will throw light on the features and implications of such educational opportunities, that unfortunately involve only a minority of graduates. The results of a pilot survey on PhD earners’ profile, that is, those completing the third and highest level of university education, will also be presented. 

The closing session will be devoted to the discussion of central issues related to the recent ANVUR Report on the Italian academic and research system.


10 a.m.

Welcome greetings:
Piercarlo GRIMALDI (Rector of the University of Gastronomic Sciences) 
Chairman: Fabio Alberto ROVERSI MONACO (AlmaLaurea President) 

10,30 a.m.
XVI Survey on Graduates’ Profile
Andrea CAMMELLI (AlmaLaurea Director) and Giancarlo GASPERONI (University of Bologna, AlmaLaurea)

11,15 a.m.
Definition and Perception of Key Skills
Giunio LUZZATTO (University of Genova) and Davide CRISTOFORI (AlmaLaurea)
Discussant: Fiorella KOSTORIS (ANVUR) 

11,45 a.m.
The Third Level: PhD Earners’ Profile
Eleonora BONAFE’ (AlmaLaurea) 
Discussant: Marzia FORONI (Ministry of Education, University and Research)

Video: interviews with PhD students

12,15 p.m.
AlmaOrièntati and University Performance
Furio CAMILLO (University of Bologna, AlmaLaurea) e Paolo GRASSO (University of Modena e Reggio Emilia)
Discussant: Loredana GARLATI (University of Milano-Bicocca)




Chairman: Carlo PETRINI (Founder of the University of Gastronomic Sciences) 

Special focus:

14,30 p.m.
Studying Abroad: the Experiences of Italian Graduates
Silvia GALEAZZI (AlmaLaurea)
Discussant: Lupo DONÀ DELLE ROSE (University of Padova)

Video: interviews with graduates who have studied abroad

15 p.m.
Chairman: Cesare EMANUEL (Rector of the University of Piemonte Orientale)

Invited Speaker:
Reflections on the Italian University System  
Roberto TORRINI (ANVUR Director)
Marco MANCINI (of the Department of University, AFAM and Research-Ministry of Education, University and Research) 
Giacomo PIGNATARO (Rector of the University of Catania)
Eliana BAICI (University of Piemonte Orientale)
Francesco FERRANTE (UNICLAM and Scientific Committee of AlmaLaurea)

16 p.m.
Questions from the floor

Ore 16,45
Concluding Remarks
Stefania GIANNINI* (Minister of Education, University and Research) 



* To be confirmed

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