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AlmaLaurea - University of Milano Bicocca

Graduates’ Social (Im)mobility and Territorial Mobility


This year’s AlmaLaurea conference has an innovative character compared to the past: a joint presentation of the two surveys, the Graduates’ Profile and the Graduates’ Employment Condition survey.

The joint presentation allows for a comprehensive portrait of Italian graduates and a more detailed exploration of the issue of graduates’ mobility, both social and territorial.

Moreover, thanks to the recent affiliation of the universities previously participating in the “Stella” initiative, the AlmaLaurea Consortium now includes 72 universities, with a coverage of 91% of the national higher education system. The conference therefore also provides an opportunity to celebrate this important milestone for the national university system.

The 17th AlmaLaurea Survey

The Graduates’ Profile, involving this year nearly 250,000 graduates of 64 universities, provides a detailed picture of the main characteristics of the graduates, their academic performance, the conditions of study at the university, satisfaction with degree programmes, work activities, internships  and study abroad undertaken during academic studies.

The Graduates’ Employment Condition survey involves this year more than 400,000 graduates of 71 universities belonging to the AlmaLaurea Consortium. The survey collects information on the employment conditions of students completing their studies in 2013, 2011, 2009, interviewed 1, 3 and 5 years after graduation.

The survey is an essential tool for assessing the external efficiency of the higher education system and for evaluating the perception of university graduates in the national and international labour market and the latter’s ability of the latter to appraise human capital.

The recession has affected both forms of mobility, social and territorial, yet with an opposite sign. The presence of fewer employment opportunities is not evenly distributed among different areas and social groups, thus triggering polarization phenomena.

The economies that have best withstood the impact of the recession and that first come out of it have absorbed graduates from other countries and territories.

The consequent increase in the territorial mobility of Italian graduates has strengthened the brain drain phenomenon, with negative consequences in the long term, already reported in past AlmaLaurea Surveys, and refelecting a reduction of our country’s growth potential , especially in the South .

Social inequalities as regards access to higher education are highlighted in the graduates’ profile survey and find an explanation in the limited social mobility of the labor market detected through the graduates’ employment conditions survey.

Therefore, the surveys highlight two sides of the same coin: equal access to tertiary education requires equal opportunities in the labour market.

In addition to the direct negative impact on the appraisal  of human capital, reduced social mobility observed in the labour market affects,  through job placement expectations, the educational choices of disadvantaged social groups, making the social structure even more rigid.

Such a situation puts a strain, especially in a future perspective, on the social contract at the basis of our democracy and Constitution. The adoption of measures to foster equal opportunities in education and employment, as well as being guided by principles of fairness, increasingly appears to be , as shown by the results of the  AlmaLaurea surveys, a tool to promote efficiency.



Chair: Fabio Alberto ROVERSI MONACO (President of AlmaLaurea)

9.45 a.m.
Welcome address:
Cristina MESSA (Rector of the University of Milano-Bicocca)

Opening remarks:
Cristina TAJANI (Councillor for Labour Policies, Economic Development,University and Research, Municipality of Milan)
Valentina APREA (Councillor for Education, Training and Employment,. Lombardy Region)

10.10 a.m.
Andrea CAMMELLI (Director and Founder of AlmaLaurea)

10.15 a.m.
Presentation of the Graduates’ Profile and Employment Conditions Report
Giancarlo GASPERONI (Univ. of Bologna - AlmaLaurea) and Francesco FERRANTE (UNICLAM - AlmaLaurea)

Video interviews with new  graduates

11.10 a.m.
Focus on:
Graduates’ Social Mobility
Elena MESCHI (Univ. of Venezia Ca’ Foscari) and Silvia GHISELLI (AlmaLaurea) 

Video interviews with new graduates abroad: choice or necessity?

11.50 a.m.
Focus on:
Graduates’ Territorial Mobility
Mario MEZZANZANICA (Univ. of Milano-Bicocca) and Davide CRISTOFORI (AlmaLaurea)

12.20 a.m.
Focus on:
Social and Territorial Mobility of PhDs
Nello SCARABOTTOLO (Univ. of  Milano Statale) and  Claudia GIROTTI (AlmaLaurea)

1.00 p.m.


Chair: Loredana GARLATI (Univ. of  Milano-Bicocca)

2.30 p.m.
Evaluation and Meritocracy: How to Combine Efficiency and Equal Opportunity

Moderator: Gianni TROVATI (Sole24Ore)

Stefano FANTONI (President, ANVUR)
Andrea FIORINI (President, National Council for University Students-CNSU)
Daniele LIVON (Director General for Higher Education at Italian Ministry of Education - MIUR)
Stefano PALEARI (President, Conference of the Italian University Rectors)

4.00 p.m.
Round Table

Social immobility and brain drain: two challenges for Italy
Chair: Maurizio FRANZINI (Univ. La Sapienza)

Tito BOERI (President of the National Institute for Public Welfare - INPS)
Mauro FIORENTINO (Univ. of Basilicata)
Sauro MOCETTI (Bank of Italy)
Emilio REYNERI (Univ. Milano-Bicocca)
Gianfelice ROCCA (President, Assolombarda)
Stefani SCHERER (Univ. of Trento)
Gianfranco VIESTI (Univ. of  Bari)

Questions from the floor

5.30 p.m.
End of conference



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