The new AlmaLaurea curriculum vitae is online

Graduates' key tool for contacting the world of work has been renewed: it is important to check the information previously entered to make sure it is presented correctly.

The new layout of the AlmaLaurea curriculum vitae is available, soon also exportable in PDF format.

The new CV is online in a beta test to allow primary users to adjust - where necessary - the contents of their CV to the new format and to solve any technical problems.

Bug reports can be sent to AlmaLaurea assistance by writing to


What are the characteristics of the new curriculum vitae?

  • Contents: the CV's structure and sections have remained the same.
  • Graphic structure: the main new development is a more modern and functional layout, organised in two columns:
    • the left-hand column, with a grey background, contains the personal information, contacts and some summary information on transversal skills, linguistic and basic IT knowledge, information on future prospects and the type of work sought.
    • the right-hand column, with a white background, is organised into sections with work and educational experiences and any information that may be available.
  • Work experience: there is a limited number of characters available for the name of the company and the job title. It is therefore necessary to check whether the information entered previously is correctly displayed.
  • Education: this section contains information on qualifications (possibly certified by the university); it is necessary to verify that there are no duplications.
  • Languages known ​​and Computer skills: a brief summary is shown in the left-hand column; however, it is important to indicate if any linguistic certifications were earned and to list the programming languages ​​and specific applications known.
  • Other information: you can enter publications, information on educational activities and more; it is a useful section to enrich the CV with details on professional and educational experiences; references to material available online can also be added.


The CV should be two pages long at the most. If you are a recent graduate with little or no work experience, highlight any internships done during your studies by telling what you have learned in detail. If on the other hand you already have experience, try to limit or remove non-essential information - including about high school or minor degrees - to optimise your CV's length and impact.

Next steps

Soon AlmaGO will be updated. The pages for updating the CV will be redesigned to allow greater visibility of the information entered.


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