Video job interviews: some tips

Practical and fast, shortening distances and done anywhere.

Video or online job interviews are a tool available to everybody that allows the candidate to cut travel costs while at the same time making it possible for the recruiter to go through applications effectively, quickly and cheaply.

The most widely used platform for video interviewing is Skype, but other tools such as WhatsApp, Google Meet, Teams and Zoom are also used.

While digital communications have difficulty conveying some human traits that are expressed during in-person interviews, video job interviews should not be underestimated. The basic rules for impressing the recruiter are the same as for standard job interviews, with the addition of a few tricks to make the best of the situation.



The rules for an effective video interview

  • Prepare the surroundings. Choose a place that is suitable for an interview: orderly, quiet and well lit. Make sure you’re not disturbed: warn your family and housemates, disconnect your phone and make sure there are no other electronic devices that can disturb you. The environment should be as neutral and professional as possible.
  • Look your best. Dress as if the interview were in person, pay attention to every detail and choose clothing that is appropriate to the job you’re applying for.
  • Maintain eye contact. Remember not to look at the screen but at the camera, looking your recruiter in the eye. Sit straight, smile and don’t wave your hands. Act as you would if you were in a face-to-face interview.
  • Pay attention to details. Create a professional account (name.surname) and check the quality of the camera and connection. Use headphones and a microphone to avoid interference with surrounding noise.
  • Practice. Practice by simulating the interview with a friend and record it. See how you look, whether the surroundings are appropriate and if the devices work properly.