Curriculum vitae: how to write one and why choose the AlmaLaurea CV

Your CV is the most effective tool for responding to a job posting, indispensable for entering the national and international job market.

The AlmaLaurea CV is unique because it’s the only CV certified by Italian universities, available in both Italian and English.

To date, the AlmaLaurea database contains more than 3.902.000 CVs: young people who graduated from one of the 82 universities belonging to the Consortium and who represent more than 90% of the Italian graduate population.



What it allows you to do:

  • It helps you create your professional profile by presenting your experience and skills.
  • It offers you the opportunity to get in touch with the more than 4,000 companies using the AlmaLaurea database.
  • It allows you to apply to job offers on the website.
  • It allows you to participate in our national and international events, career days and recruiting days, both digitally and in person.


How to fill out the AlmaLaurea CV:

  • Shape and personalise your CV according to the job offer or event you want to attend.
  • Promote your soft skills because they’re increasingly decisive when it comes to the job market. These are cross-cutting characteristics that are important for any workplace, influencing how we cope with the demands and stresses of the working environment.
  • Be concise and incisive and highlight your professional goal. Briefly and simply explain what you want to achieve in your professional future: this is important information to clarify what kind of work you want to do, in which sector and what your ambitions are.
  • Show what you can do and detail your personal work and internship experiences that distinguish you in the job market. In fact, AlmaLaurea Surveys tell us that one year after finishing their studies and all other things being equal, graduates (first level and master's) who have participated in internships are 10% more likely to find a job.
  • Show what you know: today language and computer skills are crucial for the working world.
  • Don't forget to specify studies and experiences abroad, which increase your chances of employment by more than 20% as shown by the AlmaLaurea Surveys, and also prove your flexibility, curiosity and ability to adapt.