“Globetrotter" for work and passion thanks to AlmaLaurea

Mario Marozzi works as Senior Finance Professional in Bogotá: “AlmaLaurea put me in contact with a company in the Oil & Gas industry. My career path started from that first experience, which took me around the world”.

Mario Marozzi, born in 1981, works as Senior Finance Professional in Bogotá, Colombia. His professional career in the financial sector started at the end of 2007, few months after obtaining his master’s degree. “AlmaLaurea put me in contact with a company in the Oil & Gas industry. My career path started from that first experience, which took me around the world, from Kazakhstan to Malaysia, and now in South America". His curriculum vitae has been selected among the 2.5 million CV in the AlmaLaurea database, used by over 11,000 companies seeking graduates to be hired.

What was your education path?
“I graduated in Economics and Management in 2004, with a three-year course at the D’Annunzio University of Pescara. I was one of the first students who graduated with the 3+2 system.  It was in the first years of the new reform, so there were not many specialization courses. So, I chose to attend the Master in Business Administration and Management at the University of Parma. At the end of the course, in February 2007, I filled the AlmaLaurea questionnaire, like many other students, having no idea to what it would lead".

How was your first experience in the labour market?
“Immediately after obtaining my second level diploma, I started working with the Aristide Merloni Foundation, an observatory for social and economic development, founded in 1963, with the aim to support new entrepreneurs in the Marche region with both financial and managerial contributions. A few months later, in September 2007, I was contacted by an Italian company headquartered in Pesaro, operating in the field of design for the Oil & Gas industry. I was surprised when they called me, because I had not applied to any position within their company, and they selected my curriculum among those they found in the AlmaLaurea database. So, that was the beginning of my career that took me around the world. This year it will be my tenth year working abroad".

What was your occupation when you started?
“I started in Kazakhstan at the beginning of 2008, when I was only 26 years old, working as assistant in the Finance department. I had no previous working experience, but I liked travelling. I spoke English and I was willing to work far from home, aware that it could last for months or perhaps years. In fact, it was the opportunity I was looking for. So, I accepted the proposal, even though the salary was modest. My objective was to grow professionally acquiring experience abroad".

How long did you stay in Kazakhstan?
“A little more than five years, in total. After this experience, I was recruited by another company based in Ravenna, which engineers, manufactures, installs and provides support services for a wide range of industrial sectors, including in the Oil & Gas sector. I worked for this company for over three years as Finance Controller. In 2012, I was going to ask for a transfer when Nabors Industries called me - a large U.S. publicly traded multinational, leader in the onshore drilling field, operating in many international markets. I remained in Kazakhstan for another year and a half, this time working as Finance & Administration Manager. Then I relocated to Malaysia, precisely in Kuala Lumpur, where I managed the South East Asia, Australia and Papua New Guinea markets on behalf of Nabors for three years, with increasing responsibilities".

In addition to the degree, which skills helped you in particular to enter the labour market?
“English knowledge and work experience abroad helped me acquire relational, communication and important behavioural skills, which I find very useful at the professional level, but also at the personal level. When I entered the labour market, in addition to my education qualifications, I had already stayed in England twice, after the diploma, and I had travelled to the United States at the end of my three-year university degree. These are the experiences I would recommend to many young graduates who are about to start their careers. They allow you to become more open-minded and ready to connect with different cultures and peoples".

Today you are still working for the same company, but in Colombia: why did you choose to move to South America?
“Nabors promoted me to a regional role and I was transferred to Colombia, a country that represents the second largest market in the world for the company in terms of turnover from oil drilling operations. Therefore, this transfer contributed to another career advancement, after Malaysia. Today I am the second Finance & Administration Manager in the company in terms of global responsibility. I manage 21 employees between Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico and a €500 million/year turnover. This company offered me another great opportunity: travelling often to various Latin America countries.Working abroad I improved my English language skills, I learnt Spanish, and some Russian and French".

Do you think you will come back to Italy?
“At the moment, I do not think I will come back: I am happy and satisfied with my choice. Leaving Italy has given me a lot. At present, I would be considered too young to work as a manager in Italy. In Malaysia I met my wife. She is Italian like me and together we created a family. I grew fast from a professional standpoint and I had the opportunity to develop and enhance my skills.

What would you advise to young people who are about to enter the labour market?
“Obviously I would say: register in AlmaLaurea... It could offer interesting opportunities. In addition, be open-minded, never stop studying and learning, take challenges. Learn foreign languages and travel. Seize work opportunities, even if initially not as remunerative. You can grow very quickly abroad because merit and engagement are better rewarded. Grow strong while staying flexible, without ever thinking that you have reached the finishing line. As Martin Luther King said: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step."


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